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#1 2019-Feb-07 1:26 am

Registered: 2019-Feb-07
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Missing ADS-B traffic

I use a Dual XGPS-170 UAT receiver for ADS-B in displaying with Naviator on a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro tablet.  The plane has a 1090es transponder for ADS-B out.  Flying in the Boston/New York/Philadelphia/Washington DC corridor means that Naviator is always in range of an ADS-B rebroadcast ground station, and rarely fewer than 4.  And radar coverage is complete at cruise altitudes.


#2 2019-Feb-07 12:29 pm

Registered: 2013-Jan-17
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Re: Missing ADS-B traffic

just another user here....  I didn't see a question, but the title infers you are not seeing traffic.    I guess that means you are seeing ADS-b weather and the GPS from the xgps (I also assume you have correctly blue-toothed the tablet to the xgps) 

If you used to see traffic then maybe your tablet/naviator settings have gotten changed or that you XGPS died.

If you've never seen traffic maybe you have not properly connected the tablet/naviator or configured the naviator app....

Check that Layers on the naviator app (Map traffic alerts checked-marked).

Click on naviator settings/external devices/bluetooth gps settings/enable external GPS and connected to xgps
go back and then select ADS-B Settings and toggle ADS-B as your GPS source, filter traffic unchecked, display traffic callsigns,
and then aircraft call sign populated and XPNDR ICAO code populated.(with your airplane specific information)

Double check Connect to XGPS170 is shown as connected.

Then, try ADS-B diagnostics.  You should see Green for Receiver,Heartbeat, GPS(provided it can see the sky).  FIS-B uplink might be orange on ground and Go green with altitude.

good luck...  (ps, have you confirmed the aircraft truly has ADS-B out?  for that to be true, it would need a WAAS gps source connected to the transponder.  your 1090 mode-s transponder may not have been connected to WAAS data and not been configured to send ads-b out )
  If ads-b out is not working, you would see less traffic since ATC computers would not trigger the ADS-b towers to send you the warnings!

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