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#1 2019-Jan-14 5:07 pm

Registered: 2013-Nov-18
Posts: 4

naviator stops working

I have just renewed my subscription in spite of a continuing problem with Naviator error ‘naviator has stopped working’ on virtually every flight. I am using a Galaxy tab-3 tablet with a Dual Sky Pro XGPS160. Before each flight I go to ‘blue tooth, GPS settings’ enable external GPS and confirm connected, XGPS on the glare shield. All other features of the APP work as advertised but I can guarantee at some point during the flight it will stop working. I have the same problem at my home when entering flight plans. Initially I noticed the problem when using a Galaxy tab-2 so I switched to an ASUS Transformer and now the Tab-3, all with the same problem. I like your product but something is causing it to perform unreliably and I wouldn't consider using it as a back-up, I have been using it for charts only. I have submitted several times about this problem but never seem to get a resolution, do you have any suggestions?



#2 2019-Jan-15 6:33 pm

Registered: 2013-Jan-17
Posts: 73

Re: naviator stops working

For urgent issues try the Contact Form


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