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#1 2018-Sep-24 6:35 pm

From: Mesa, AZ
Registered: 2013-Aug-07
Posts: 123

Does anybody know?

Does anyone out there know, and can say, what *really* happened to Mike that led to the orphaning of the code? 

I really like Naviator, and continue using it because it still works, is customized just to my liking, and still does >90% of what I'd want to do, and that is at least as good as any of the other available Android tools.  But a some point, unless there is a reason to expect future support, I'm going to have to give up and learn another EFB tool. sad


Andy Elliott
Huawei M3, A7, Naviator 3.9.1, echoUAT


#2 2018-Sep-25 1:39 pm

Registered: 2013-Mar-19
Posts: 76

Re: Does anybody know?

I feel 100% the exact same way. I love Naviator, but eventually I'll have to learn something new if it can't "keep up"... sad


#3 2018-Sep-29 8:00 pm

Registered: 2013-Oct-19
Posts: 54

Re: Does anybody know?

I've switched to iFly NY Adventure pilots. It's everything I was hoping Naviator to be at this point in time.


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