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#1 2018-Apr-12 7:43 am

Registered: 2018-Apr-12
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Samsung Note 8 stopped getting ADSB from Stratux


I have been using the Naviator app successfully with Stratus. One day it stopped getting ADSB traffic and AHRS.

Naviator settings set to WiFi Port Stratux
Receiver connection in Naviator App is green, Heartbeat, GPS and Fis B Uplink is Red.
Stratux works via browser connection, I can see traffic, GPS and AHRS
I installed Naviator on second phone and it works flawlessly with the Stratux
When I repeatedly clicked reconnect, the Naviator actually connected to Stratux, but it only did it once, and I tried multiple times over several weeks.
I reinstalled Naviator multiple times, restarted phone multiple times, changes Stratux SD card to new, I restarted WiFi settings on Samsung Note 8.

Seems like some phone settings got corrupted. Do you have any suggestions on how to check and change phone settings that are needed for reliable connection?  I am suspecting TCP port to be closed, but I do not know how to check that.  I contacted Naviator support, but so far no response.


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#2 2018-Apr-12 3:44 pm

From: Mesa, AZ
Registered: 2013-Aug-07
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Re: Samsung Note 8 stopped getting ADSB from Stratux

You need to mention which version of Android you are running and which version of Naviator and which version of the stratux software.  It is likely that an OTA (over the air) update to your Note 8 swapped a setting.  The most common one is under Developer Options and is called "use legacy DHCP client" or something similar.  If it is off, try turning it on.  Or vice versa.  Reboot the Note8 after making the change.

Andy Elliott
Huawei M3, A7, Naviator 3.9.1, echoUAT


#3 2018-Apr-12 7:39 pm

Registered: 2018-Apr-12
Posts: 2

Re: Samsung Note 8 stopped getting ADSB from Stratux

Thank you for the answer. I ended up replacing phones today with T-mobile, and Naviator works again on Samsung 9.


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