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#1 2018-Feb-27 8:14 am

Registered: 2018-Feb-27
Posts: 3

Special-Use Airspaces? MOA, RA, etc?

I learned the hard way recently that Naviator does a very poor job of presenting special-use airspaces:  It looks like the only way to see them is on the Sectional display, they don't show up on the vector map?

Was flying from the Chesapeake Bay area to KEZF last sunday, and noticed that while my GNS430 was showing a blue box ahead of me, I could not see it on Naviator at all...  A few minutes later, Potomac comes up to advise me that I am about 10 miles from R-6601 on a direct course to overfly it, and I needed to pick a route around it and call Patuxent to let him know what I would be doing.

Could not see it on the sectional at all, for all the clutter.  Very disappointed to see that it is not visible in Vectors mode... The ATC/Airport Airspaces were giving me a false sense of security.  Thankfully, I never go XC without a flight following, or we could have an entirely different story in this post.

I see from a previous thread that this feature was requested as far back as 2013?  Any news on progress?   Is it actually there, and I'm just an idiot?


#2 2018-Feb-28 11:36 am

Registered: 2015-Aug-04
Posts: 50

Re: Special-Use Airspaces? MOA, RA, etc?

I agree with you, the Airspace Layer should include ALL airspace.

On the other hand, you also should have reviewed your route on a chart a head of time. smile


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