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#1 2016-Jul-20 7:16 am

Registered: 2012-Dec-20
Posts: 3

Georeferenced Terminal Procedures from FAA

I was just looking at the FAA Digital Products website for terminal procedures ( … ucts/dtpp/) and there is a note at the top that states:

"In the digital-Terminal Procedures Publication (d-TPP), EC-1, SC-1, and SW-1 volumes effective July 21, 2016, the FAA maintained Instrument Approach Procedure charts published in PDF format now carry georeferenced encoding for geographic positioning. Geographic positional data is for situational awareness only and should not be used for navigation. Please see 16-02 TERM Charting Notice (PDF) ( … EF_PDF.pdf) for complete information."

Is this equivalent to the georeferenced procedures that Seattle Avionics offers?  If so, will this roll into the default approach plates that are available within Naviator or will a Seattle Avionics subscription still be required?

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#2 2016-Jul-25 7:54 am

From: Vancouver, BC
Registered: 2011-Mar-16
Posts: 1,206

Re: Georeferenced Terminal Procedures from FAA

The geo-referenced charts produced by the FAA are not (yet) an equivalent product to what is offered by Seattle Avionics because not all of the d-TPP volumes have been geo-referenced. The FAA is planning to geo-reference the remaining d-TPP volumes over the next year. They have not released a timeline for when geo-referenced airport diagrams will be available, but have confirmed that they do have plans to eventually geo-reference them.

We're keeping an eye on developments in this area and will have further announcements as things progress.



#3 2017-Feb-05 11:19 am

Chris B
Registered: 2012-Dec-07
Posts: 21

Re: Georeferenced Terminal Procedures from FAA

Hi Mike -

Any update on this?

Having the little blue airplane on approach plates is nice, but it triples the annual cost for Naviator. This is silly. It also adds an additional asynchronous subscription to manage. :-\

This may belong in the "suggestions" forum, but have you considered enabling geo-referencing where available from the FAA, and increasing coverage as the FAA adds d-TPP volumes?



#4 2017-Dec-11 12:40 am

Registered: 2017-Dec-11
Posts: 1

Re: Georeferenced Terminal Procedures from FAA

Looks like all the FAA charts are now geo-referenced.  Does anything special need to happen to be able to use them?  Haven't seen an update with regards to this in quite some time.


#5 2018-Jan-22 1:34 am

Registered: 2018-Jan-22
Posts: 1

Re: Georeferenced Terminal Procedures from FAA

I was also looking into this. While the IAP plates are now georeferences by FAA, the Airport Diagrams are not. Any idea if this is planned or if there is a way of georeferencing them?



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