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#1 2017-Nov-22 4:50 pm

Registered: 2011-Nov-22
Posts: 40

lynx 9000 traffic function

Few of us worked on it for a while but still the app wont display traffic.  All settings are correct in "ADSB B SETTINGS", tablet is connected to the lynx 9000 wifi, no problems there.  Under "ADSB B settings" then "CONNECT" it will show Statius not connected.  We ran the app under Stratux and traffic worked perfectly.


#2 2017-Nov-24 10:43 am

From: Vancouver, BC
Registered: 2011-Mar-16
Posts: 1,194

Re: lynx 9000 traffic function


Just to make sure I'm clear on the issue, is only the traffic not working or are all ADS-B functions not working (weather, for example)? Do you see "ADS-B: OK" or "ADS-B: WARN" on the map screen when the Lynx is connected to Naviator?


#3 2017-Nov-24 9:15 pm

From: Mesa, AZ
Registered: 2013-Aug-07
Posts: 114

Re: lynx 9000 traffic function

We did select L3 for the port.  No ADS-B functions worked at all.  Nothing on the screen and all red on the diagnostics page, despite being connected to the unit.  Switched the whole thing over to my stratux box and everything worked fine.  Went back and tried all the other flavor options, too, with zero luck.

Andy Elliott
Nexus7(v2013), A6.0.1, Naviator 3.9.0, RPi3 w/stratux v1.4.1


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