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#1 2017-Sep-21 1:16 pm

Registered: 2011-Sep-24
Posts: 122

Presidential TFRs not showing up

Around New York City we are in the midst of major TFRs for the United Nations, Trump Tower in Manhattan, and the President's visit to his Bedminster NJ country club.  As part of these there are TFRs around a couple of the airports to cover VIP travel into and out of the area.  The Trump Tower and UN TFRs are showing in Naviator, but the Bedminster and airport TFRs are not showing.

The "TFR database updated" message appears as it normally does a few seconds after starting the program, and "TFRs" is checked on the Weather/TFRs tab of the Map Layers menu (and "Only show TFRs active within +/- 1 hour from now" is unchecked).  Naviator is the most current version.  This behavior happens both on my tablet and my phone.  Please help.


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