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#1 2017-Aug-14 9:02 am

Registered: 2012-Nov-05
Posts: 31

Chartsgetting wiped?

I have a Samsung Note Pro 12.2 and a Note 4 as a backup.

On my recent trip to Oshkosh, the chart data got wiped 3 times on the tablet and once on my phone.  The tablet also recently wiped again.

Storage has been on external media in all cases.  Nothing else stored externally appears corrupt, missing, etc on either device.

Also, on trying to re-download maps on the tablet, some super annoying stuff started happening.  My internal storage was a bit less than what was necessary for the chart download.  However, Naviator wouldn't let me do ANYTHING (including changing storage location) until after charts were downloaded.  I reduced the set of charts, tried downloading, and afterwards, Naviator kept telling me chart data was out of date and needed to be downloaded.  Rinse, repeat maybe 5 or 6 times.

I hate to say this, but I'm ready to resurrect my iPad just to get back on the app whose name I shall not speak.  hmm


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