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#1 2017-Aug-04 10:27 am

Registered: 2015-Apr-08
Posts: 32

Keeping Tablet Cool

Curious if anyone here has any issues keeping their tablet cool during flight, and if so, what can be done about it?  Naviator is pretty taxing on the device, which warms up the thing off the bat - then throw in an external battery charging it up for longer flights and a 100deg day with no escape from the sun (helicopters) - I've gotten my Galaxy Tab Pro pretty hot.  So far no shutdowns, just charging pause due to battery temperature.

Anybody got any solutions?  I run my tablet on a kneeboard and can't mount it anywhere due to necessity.  Cramped cockpits and gross weight limits make mounting a mini-fridge unrealistic as well.  I've tried keeping the screen off when not in use, which helps, but it's not a 100% solution.  Also thinking about ditching the OtterBox, but I'm confident I'd break the tablet in no time if I do that.



#2 2017-Aug-04 3:56 pm

From: Mesa, AZ
Registered: 2013-Aug-07
Posts: 120

Re: Keeping Tablet Cool

Well. Mike, the OtterBox is like making your tablet wear a down parka while running a 10K!  There are much lighter, thinner and consequently much less protective, more heat-permeable covers that will just pad the corners. 
Other options - if you're not using the WiFi and/or the Bluetooth connections, turn them off. And make a little sun-shade for the tablet.  Not only will that stop the solar heating, but it will make it easier to see, maybe even at a lower brightness (less heat!) level.

Andy Elliott
Huawei M3, A7, Naviator 3.9.0, echoUAT


#3 2017-Aug-05 7:07 am

Registered: 2015-Aug-04
Posts: 48

Re: Keeping Tablet Cool

Never had any problem with overheating. That seems more of a problem with iPads. Using Ram yoke mount. No case just a cover. Not sure what charging a battery has to do with the tablet potentially overheating.


#4 2017-Aug-12 11:55 pm

Registered: 2013-Aug-18
Posts: 33

Re: Keeping Tablet Cool

I've never had any over heating problems with my Nexus 7 when I'm flying. I also never run my tablet just on it's battery. I always keep it plugged into an external power plug while I am flying. But I do protect my tablet from being exposed to the heat in the plane when I park the plane if I'm going to be away for any amount of time.


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