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#1 2017-Jul-21 10:38 am

Registered: 2015-Aug-07
Posts: 53

Change the center of the map to be a future point

In North Up mode, the current position, represented by the airplane icon, is always in the middle of the map.  This basically means that half the screen is now things that I no longer have to worry about, since they are behind me. 
It would be nice if I could select a different item to have in the center of the map, for example if the 5-minute (select-able time) "T" is held in the center of the map.  That would allow most of the screen to have things that are still in front of me without having to go Track-Up, which has a nice scaling of ~75% of the screen in front of the current position. 
For bonus points, the screen would zoom to keep the current position within the display boundaries ~25% in from the edge


#2 2017-Jul-21 8:10 pm

Registered: 2012-Feb-26
Posts: 39

Re: Change the center of the map to be a future point

I could see using the "T" being problematic from a map update point of view.  How about a selectable position from center to edge with four or five position options?


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