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#1 2017-May-09 9:53 am

Registered: 2017-May-09
Posts: 2

Numerous Issues

Device Huawaei M3

Any time I click the plan, app, nrst, hsi, or alt buttons the app crashes immediately and exits
If I click the 3d button it swithes to the AHRS view but I'm unable to go back to the map view unless I exit the program.
The manual shows a split screen mode that I am unable to activate in any way.
The altitude optimizer does not specify which leg of the trip it is optimizing for, example, say I plan a round trip flight as one flight with 2 legs.  The optimizer shows a tailwind, but doesn't say which leg.

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#2 2017-May-10 8:18 am

From: Mesa, AZ
Registered: 2013-Aug-07
Posts: 123

Re: Numerous Issues

You need to advise as to which version of Android and Naviator you are running.

Andy Elliott
Huawei M3, A7, Naviator 3.9.1, echoUAT


#3 2017-May-12 3:08 pm

Registered: 2015-Aug-09
Posts: 29

Re: Numerous Issues

I have the same device and having the same issues. Reported 2 months ago... and still waiting for a reply from Naviator company.


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