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#1 2016-Feb-26 9:52 am

Registered: 2015-Aug-04
Posts: 50

Changeable font size for buttons and onscreen functions.

It would be nice to have editable font sizes so that I can reduce the space the buttons and information displays take on my phone.


#2 2016-Mar-04 11:31 am

Registered: 2016-Jan-22
Posts: 14

Re: Changeable font size for buttons and onscreen functions.

A couple other thoughts for this: (1) provide the hide arrow function to make the top gray bar disappear the same way the bottom row of buttons is hidden. (2) Or, make the top gray bar translucent so the maps and other displays can be seen through the gray bar.

On small displays such as phones and phablets, when viewed in landscape, that top gray bar takes up almost 20% of the total screen space, it only has two or three selection buttons and lots of gray wasted space.


#3 2016-Aug-30 8:52 am

Registered: 2012-Jun-19
Posts: 29

Re: Changeable font size for buttons and onscreen functions.

I just upgraded from a Mot-RAZR to a Samsung S7, and now the top and bottom bars seem bigger such that I can no longer use in landscape mode. my screen resolution is not 266% of previous, so charts look great, but  the additional features: grey Bars, active Route, Compass and 4 corner info blocks,  no longer look as good. with the higher resolution the fonts can be smaller, and compass and route lines need to scale up.  This will only get worse as phone and tablet resolutions continue to improve.

Moto RAZR example
Samsung S7 example

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