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#1 2016-Apr-30 1:51 pm

Registered: 2014-Sep-19
Posts: 6

Import GPX causes crash

I'm running updated Naviator on Nexus 7 Android version 6.0.1

Experiencing difficulty importing GPX files from
I have Skyvector email me the GPX file, I then download it to my downloads folders on my Nexus.

If I go to the Quickplan screen and click the Cloud icon as shown in the image below, it imports properly.

If I goto the Load Route screen, then click Import, top right, select GPX, Naviator then crashes after selecting the GPX file without delay.

Still love the app, great for me as a renter.


#2 2016-May-02 7:40 am

Registered: 2015-Aug-04
Posts: 50

Re: Import GPX causes crash

I have seen this problem also. It will duplicate and forget off the top of my head what I did differently to make it not crash. There are two ways to import and one of the ways crashes and the other works.


#3 2017-Jul-16 6:09 am

Registered: 2015-Aug-16
Posts: 3

Re: Import GPX causes crash

Same problem, importing from either the load route screen or the quick plan cloud import - results in Naviator crashing. Is there any solution coming up for this, appears to be an old problem. many thanks.


#4 2019-Jan-21 2:39 pm

Registered: 2019-Jan-21
Posts: 1

Re: Import GPX causes crash

I experienced the same as checkgear, was able to do Quick Plan Cloud.  .gpx from FlyIQ.


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