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#1 2016-Mar-21 4:47 pm

Registered: 2013-Jul-20
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Map Settings vs Map Preferences

Using the Top Leftmost Menu, and selecting "Settings" > "Map Settings" Brings up the "Map Preferences" screen.   Using the Top Rightmost Menu, "Map Preferences" brings up this same screen.  I've been using Naviator for a couple of years now and finding items with different names that bring you to the same location is always confusing, and adds to the learning curve.  I suggest one and only one way to get to Map Preferences.  It's not really something that needs to change on the fly so I suggest using the Top Right Menu for quick access items, and the Top Left Menu for infrequent stuff like subscription renewals, or map setup.  Clearcut menus with subcategories that have similar purpose are best.  The Top Right Menu could be for inflight stuff, and the Top Left Menu for setup, housekeeping, hangar, etc.


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