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#1 2016-Mar-21 4:37 pm

Registered: 2013-Jul-20
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The Top Left Menu "Plan" brings up a different screen than the Bottom Row "Plan".  Suggest relabeling one or the other since they have different functions.

Top Left Menu "Plan" > "File and Brief (AFSS)".  Even though there is an active flight plan plotted on the Naviator screen, there is nothing listed under "Active".  Then, selecting New Domestic Flight Plan, the form uses the whole screen and data entry is fine, but "Altitude" won't take a number, only "VFR".  After submitting, I can only activate.  I cannot get a briefing.  As far as I can tell, there is no way to get a briefing from AFSS.

Top Left Menu "Plan" > "File and Brief (AFSS)".  Selecting "Filed Plans" in the top right of the screen splits the screen unnecessarily, placing the same menu on the left and right sides of the screen, wasting half the screen.

Top Left Menu "Plan" > "File and Brief (DUATS)".  On the left side of the screen there are a dozen or so flight plans listed that all look the same, but by clicking one, there are minor differences.  These, I think are remnants of flight plans I tried, but failed to get briefings on earlier in the day.  At any rate, the left column uses valuable screen real estate (almost half the screen) that will be sorely missed when I click "Brief".  At a minimum, I suggest using the whole screen when rendering the "Brief", as the left column flights are no longer needed and only waste screen space.

Bottom Row "Plan".  Brings up the active route.  Pressing the : menu in the top right corner, then "File and Brief (DUATS)" results in the same wasted screen real estate on the left.  "File and Brief (AFSS)" does not do this unless I select "Filed Plans" in the top right corner.  I see where selecting it again toggles the left screen on and off.  That's good and it would be nice if DUATS could toggle it on and off too.

Anyway, the Flight Planning, while powerful with the capability to pull from AOPA, is confusing and inconsistent through the various menus.  Suggest one menu only (bottom button, to me, is best) to access all flight plan activity and use one form to enter flight information with two buttons on the bottom to give us the option of Filing and Briefing with AFSS or DUATS.


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