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#1 2015-Nov-17 11:42 pm

Registered: 2015-Oct-28
Posts: 5

Extended Track and Flight Planning Time and Distance Ring

I have three suggestions for improvements.

First, it's been brought up before but I haven't seen a response to it so I'd like to renew the conversation on it.  The Extended track feature is nice but I'd like to be able to select what it displays.  Currently, you can only select a length based on the expected time.  I'd like to set a distance and have that display as an extended track.  For example, I'd set the extended track to display at 10NM and then have an idea how far out from an airport I'd be without needed to use the on-screen "two-finger" measure tool.

Next, I'd like to have a rough idea of how much time a quick route or full plan would take without needing to access the altitude optimization page.  It will remember a cruise speed that I've entered in the past and most of my flights will be at a similar airspeed.  I'd just like to see that displayed on the plan page without needing to actually be at my cruising speed.

Third,  a distance ring around the aircraft icon has been brought up before.  If you could just add the current distance that the compass ring represents on the map, that would be extremely helpful.  Then we could just set a zoom level that sets that compass ring at an useful distance and have another quick reference for situational awareness when passing airfields.

Thanks!  So far, this has been the best app I've seen for use outside the US.



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