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#1 2015-Oct-19 9:24 am

Registered: 2015-Oct-19
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No chart download or access to Samsung Tab 4

Unable chart download or access to my Tab 4.  Details:

Home high speed wifi download 17.6 Mbps, up 2.5 Mbps
Samsung Tab 4 Android version 4.4.2
Device is set to correct date and local time

1. Turn on device, tap Naviator icon, tap "I Accept", get map page which is a solid white screen except for the enroute data blocks in the four corners. (attempting to select map types, such as IFR, BASE, or VFR does not change the solid white screen).  Also get  dark gray rectangular info notice which has a circled X and "INTERNET REQUIRED  Chart not saved for offline use, tap to download" even though connection to internet wifi confirmed in multiple ways.

2. Tap icon upper left, get main menu.

3.  Tap "Select Data", get screen with "Global" and "US".

4.  Tap "US".

5.  Get list of available chart types, select tap "FAA Terminal Area Charts".

6.  Select tap "Orlando TAC", blue checkmark appears in the box.

7.  Still have gray info box noted above, but ignore it and attempt to return to main menu Per user manual.

8.  Get notice "Data updates.  Would you like to download the updates now?"  Tap select the check mark.

9.  Get screen with "Orlando TAC" (11MB) and a green check mark, plus the same dark gray notice block saying "INTERNET REQUIRED" although again the wifi and device are well connected.  Select tap "Download" at bottom of screen.

10.  Get notification "Download in progress" wait until complete.  Device shifts to home page.  Little download arrow on top info bar briefly indicates download in progress, but never get any "download complete" notification.  After all appears stabilized,  tap the "Naviator" icon to re-enter the Naviator app.

11.  Tap "I Accept"

12.  Get same white map screen and dark gray "Internet required" block.

13.  At the top of the map page on the device are permanently displayed the icons for Main Menu, Select Chart, Layers, and a further menu which includes Search, Split Screen, map Preferences, Add Waypoint, File and Brief, and such.  I tap select "Select Chart" per User manual.

14.  Get a "Stitched Charts" block of options and a "Individual Charts" block.  Select "VFR"  and "TAC charts" on the top block (map screen does not change except blank background is light gray for "Base", lite green for "Terrain", or black for "Aerial").  The "Individual Charts" block has the word "None" it.  Tapping it just brings me back to the map page. 

15.  Attempt using "Fly", "Plan" and other features to see if they can locate a downloaded chart somewhere.  No luck.

16.  Go into device files, settings, download history, any place I can look to find the chart that might have been downloaded but sent to some strange place on the device.  No luck.  Device currently does not have as SD card, so device memory is the only place to investigate. Currently has 9.56 gb available, so that isn't the problem.

I am a tech dummy, but it seems to me that part of the app does recognize the wifi connection as I get audio and notifications for TFR updates. But it does not recognize the wifi connection for purposes of charts, either presenting them in real time wifi connected or for downloading and offline use.  Previously as recently as last week, it would recognize real time wifi connected charts.  Now it won't do that.

Further investigating Naviator settings on my device and noticed the following.  When in Naviator Settings, then go to "Other Settings", then select "Chart Storage Drive", instead of getting a storage area choice all I get is a darkened screen and the dark gray notification block "Unfortunately, naviator has stopped" and the choices "Report" or "OK".  I chose "Report" as this did not seem right.  Hope maybe this helps with the problem.

Help!!!  9 days left of free trial, and if I can't get this sorted out really fast and do a test flight, must go to a competitor.




#2 2017-May-07 8:44 pm

Registered: 2011-Jun-25
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Re: No chart download or access to Samsung Tab 4

No one helped this guy.  Am having same problem and have a galaxy tab 4.   My subscription runs out in a few day and I too will be out of here if I cannot figure this out.


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