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#1 2014-Aug-26 2:40 pm

From: Vancouver, BC
Registered: 2011-Mar-16
Posts: 1,206

Introducing Naviator Hangar

Today we are announcing the official launch of Naviator Hangar ( Naviator Hangar is a place for pilots to share their flying adventures with the world, their friends, or simply a place to keep a personal flying diary.

With Naviator Hangar you can upload your recorded flights and view the flight path overlaid on a map, along with detailed elevation and speed profiles. You can upload photos from the flight, as well as add a title and a description. If the photos have been geotagged they will display on the map, at the exact location where they were taken. See an example flight by clicking this link:

With Naviator Hangar you can export the flight data to other formats such as GPX or KML, so that you can then import the data into other apps such as Google Earth.

Naviator Hangar also serves as a self-service portal for Naviator customers, and you can now perform activities such as managing your subscription's devices without having to email customer support for an account reset.

I hope that you will find Naviator Hangar a useful complement to the Naviator app, and as always any feedback is both welcomed and encouraged!



#2 2015-May-01 9:36 pm

Registered: 2015-May-01
Posts: 6

Re: Introducing Naviator Hangar

I was delet from my hangar some flyght's, and next time I can't re-upload te same flyght's that  I have recorded in my device.


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