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#1 2013-Jul-23 6:11 am

Registered: 2013-Jul-20
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ADS-B Suggestion

When on the ground and in range of WIFI and out of range of ADS-B (true at most airports and ground locations), the ADS-B receiver must be turned off and Naviator must be restarted to utilize WIFI input.  Then, at altitude when ADS-B comes alive, Naviator must be restarted (unless I remembered to do it as part of my takeoff checklist) to utilize ADS-B input.

Suggestion:  When Naviator connects to an ADS-B receiver such as my XGPS170, check for a valid FIS-B uplink.  If invalid, use WIFI if there is a connection.  If there is no NEXRAD available from either source, then, and only then, consider painting the screen dark gray (RADAR: NOT VALID).  Because when you do that, The Naviator map becomes almost unusable for other functions, unless of course I physically turn off my XGPS170 and restart Naviator as in paragraph one, above.

Thanks for considering, John

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