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#1 2013-May-12 5:30 am

Registered: 2013-May-12
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Free Australian 250K Topo charts from Geoscience Australia - Guide

Hi, here how i got them into Naviator

petty much follow this guide:

except you can get your charts from here for free: … E_PRODUCTS

check "Topography" check box, then click "define an area of interest" button,
then click area interested in,
in results page uncheck "Include National Scale Datasets in my results"
then browse the results for eg "Brisbane Special" of type "GIS Dataset - 250K scale"

click one, then in popup, select "Free data download"
then check: "ER Mapper Enhanced Compressed Wavelet (ECW)" option
enter your details, and select "continue to file download" button

then click the link to download .zip

once downloaded extract .ecw file

then open it in MapTiler and continue with guide from step 2:

Note: if like me MapTiler reports error when opening ecw file, you need this fix: … l?id=22#c3

Now with good luck you will have your .chart file for Naviator...

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