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#1 2012-Jan-26 10:36 am

From: Vancouver, BC
Registered: 2011-Mar-16
Posts: 1,206

The Anchorage VOR/DME is moving Feb 9, 2012

The folks at the FAA have asked us to spread the word about an upcoming change to the Anchorage VOR/DME:

FAA AeroNav wrote:

Effective on 2-9-2012, the Anchorage (ANC) VOR/DME will be shut down.  The Anchorage (TED) VOR/DME will be in use. The VOR was relocated roughly 5 miles onto the Anchorage International Airport property.  Therefore, it is vital to have all of the new charts in the Anchorage region to ensure the most current fix locations, procedures, and frequencies are used.  This includes TPP, IFR Hi's and Low's, and Sectionals.

Please note: the Supplement Alaska will also have all new Anchorage VFR flow patterns effective for the February 9th edition.

We will have the relevant charts and data updated before the effective date of this change. Please ensure you download the updates when they become available.



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