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#1 2011-Apr-04 2:20 pm

From: Vancouver, BC
Registered: 2011-Mar-16
Posts: 1,206

Naviator Beta Test

A newer version is now available

Naviator is currently undergoing an open beta test. If you are interested in helping out with the testing, we would greatly appreciate it! Please reply to this post if you find any bugs or have any suggestions on how we can improve Naviator.

* Moving map with airports and radio navigation aids

* All data is downloaded to your device - no internet connection is required while you are flying

* World-wide airports/facilities database containing over 53,000 airports and navaids (updated on a 56 day cycle)

* Easy "rubber band" flight planning

* FAA VFR sectional charts

* FAA terminal area charts

* FAA IFR enroute charts (coming soon!)

The Naviator Team


#2 2011-Apr-05 9:48 am

From: Vancouver, BC
Registered: 2011-Mar-16
Posts: 1,206

Re: Naviator Beta Test


To add a waypoint to your route from the Map screen, long-press on the map where you would like to insert the waypoint. After 0.5 seconds a context menu will appear:


To add an airport or navaid to the route, select the 'View Nearest Waypoints' option. A list of the nearest airports, VORs, and NDBs will appear. Selecting one of these waypoints will give you the option to add it to the route.

Press your device's Menu button to view the map options. Selecting 'Enable Route Editing' will allow you to modify your flight plan as if it were a rubber band, by dragging the magenta line to new waypoints with your finger.


You can also modify your route from the Active Route screen by long pressing on a row in the flight plan. Press your device's Menu button and select 'Add Waypoint' to insert a new waypoint in the route.

To Activate a specific leg in the route you can either long press the row in the Active Route screen, or long press on the magenta line on the Map screen and selecting 'Activate Leg':




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