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#1 2019-Jun-18 8:26 am

From: Del Rio, Texas
Registered: 2017-Aug-11
Posts: 6

Version 4.0.0 Altitude Optimizer Zeros

For the last several days, Naviator calculates all zeros using the altitude optimizer. I have tried inserting other geographic locations using several different plane profiles and destinations.

My Naviator version is 4.0.0, but your forum and website state that the latest version is 3.9.1.

Max Martin

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#2 2019-Jun-19 6:19 pm

Registered: 2011-Sep-24
Posts: 122

Re: Version 4.0.0 Altitude Optimizer Zeros

Altitude analyzer is giving non-zero results on my phone.  Same v4.0.0.  There was an update a couple of weeks ago that wasn't documented here.  That was probably the version change.

Mike doesn't seem to monitor this forum any more.  Write him directly through the support tab of the website home page or using  He has responded to me within a couple of days.


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