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#1 2019-Mar-30 1:12 am

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Samsung S2 Tablet mount orientation?

Hello everyone,,
I am building a Wittman Tailwind and will be using an iLevilII AWS to feed my primary flight display using Naviator.   I plan on using a Samsung S2 tablet (probably the S2 9.7).  I have purchased a Ram mount which will be mounted directly to the panel.  My question is which orientation should I use so that I can display the PFD and all the navigation stuff?  Should it be portrait or landscape?
I have used Naviator on my smart phone for years and really love it.  Hopefully the pitot and static integration will be done in the next few months so I can use that.  If not,  I still will mount the tablet the same but probably use the iLevil utility app (apple only) for the PFD until Mike gets it done for Naviator.


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