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#1 2019-Jan-19 12:48 pm
Registered: 2017-Feb-24
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Misleading and hazardous traffic altitude separation data

In our aircraft Naviator is routinely displaying misleading altitude separation data for traffic targets.  On multiple occasions targets which I have confirmed visually to be at our same altitude have been shown by Naviator as being 300 to 400 feet above or below us.  This is apparently due to Naviator ignoring or not receiving pressure altitude data from Stratux.  Our Stratux has AHRS and baro chips.  Stratux is properly reporting attitude and pressure altitude through its web interface.  Naviator displays the AHRS data but not the pressure altitude data.  It appears Naviator is comparing the target's pressure altitude (as reported by the target's encoder) to our plane's GPS altitude.  GPS input is from the tablet, not the Stratux.

I have tried configuring Naviator with "Settings > External Devices > ADS-B Settings > Override internal pressure sensor" enabled and disabled.  No difference.  When pressure altitude is selected as a corner data block item, it shows an altimeter setting and a series of dashes.  Setting the altimeter value in this data block has no effect.  It still shows dashes for pressure altitude.

I first reported the issue in late 2017.  I have submitted two contact forms.  One produced an interim response, and the other went unanswered.  A forum post produced one reply.  It was from a user who had experienced a similar problem, and as a workaround was able to temporarily resolve it by restarting the data connection between Naviator and Stratux.  That trick hasn't worked for me.

Is it possible that pressure altitude data, even though visible in the Stratux web interface, is not being transmitted to Naviator?  Or is Naviator simply ignoring the pressure altitude info from Stratux?  Is it significant that GPS data are coming from the tablet rather than from the Stratux?  Our Stratux is not GPS-equipped.  It is attached beneath the instrument panel with no view of the sky.  Adding GPS would require using a remote antenna, and there is no obvious reason why that would improve pressure altitude utilization by Naviator.


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