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#1 2017-Jul-09 2:41 pm

Registered: 2017-Jul-09
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Can't get past the login screen in flight

I am using a tablet, not a phone.  On a 90 minute flight from FSO to SFM, I got totally locked out of Naviator.  I was trying to use ADS-B info from the club plane's Stratux device.  My tablet computer was connected to the plane's Stratux Wifi, but nothing in Naviator showed any indication of traffic or an ASD-B connection.

While looking for some obscure setting to make Naviator display the ADS-B info, I clicked on "Select Data", or something similar.  Naviator instantly flipped to portrait orientation, displayed a login screen, and -nothing- I did would let me get back to normal operation   Ending the program or rebooting the tablet had no effect.  Naviator would not do anything except display that login screen until I
1)  landed in Maine
2)  guessed which email account was associated with Naviator
3)  requested a Naviator password reset from that stubborn Naviator screen
4)  flew home while navigating with a paper chart. 
5)  logged in to my home computer to get the auto generated password reset email
6)  entered the new password into Naviator

Mike, some of your users have no Internet connection in flight.  Please consider giving the user a way to back out of that login screen.


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