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#1 2017-Jul-01 3:30 pm

Registered: 2011-Sep-24
Posts: 119

Nexrad weather radar legend?

To what intensities (dBz) do the colors on NexRad weather radar displays correspond?  And if they are different when loading from the internet vs. in the air from FIS-B, what are they for both? I've searched the user guide for Radar (no hits), dBz (no hits), weather (no relevant hits), and NexRad (no relevant hits) and couldn't find it there.  And I couldn't find a legend in the app.

Sitting on the ground getting weather from the internet during a heavy storm I saw 7 different colors, listed below in what appears to be the order of increasing intensity.  What intensity do each correspond to, and are they the same in the air?

Lt Green
Drk Green
Lt Red
Drk Red

Barry Speronello


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