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#1 2017-May-12 6:30 am

Registered: 2014-Jan-08
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can't upload recent flight to HANGAR

I was running NAVIATOR on my Nexus 7 (2013) Android 6.0.1 build MOB30X on a recent flight.. it was functioning well but crashed expectantly when I tried to search the NEAREST list to GO DIRECT to another airport.

It restarted and worked OK for the rest of the flight...however it has crashed regularly when trying to a change screens or destinations..never predictably but always at a bad time..

When I got home the flight was broken into two parts... the OUTBOUND trip  labeled CJL5 at 0.5 hrs by NAVIATOR fails when I attempt to upload it (upload failed)... the INBOUND trip (from the point the program restarted) shows up on NAVIATOR HANGAR..see CA-0040 - CJL5.

Any thought?


side note...

I ran NAVIATOR on my SAMSUNG S6 as well... the last two uploads are from that device..although NAVIATOR CRASHED ON THE PHONE AS WELL ?????

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