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#1 2017-May-10 6:15 am

Registered: 2011-Jun-25
Posts: 22

Problem with Galaxy tab 4

I have used Naviator for several years.  I have only had the eight sectionals west of the Rockies cus that is where I fly.  I have been using a Galaxy Tab 4 by Samsung and am not hooked to a provider.  I am planning a flight to Boulder Colorado in a month and a half so I tried to load the Denver Sectional.  Would not load.  So I updated to latest app and no joy.  Next I uninstalled the app and reinstalled.  That got rid of the eight sectional that I use regularly but I still have the TAC's.   Tried just loading one sectional.  I check the tablet after a few hours and it says that updates are finished.  Get into the app and it say that Download in progress.  Even after all night I still get Download in progress.

Now I cannot load any sectionals.  I have tried everything I can think of and am flying with 3 year old world charts because the airports around here do not have them anymore.  They do not have sectionals either.

Support did help me get a temporary password after I uploaded the latest Naviator app but cannot seem to help me load data.  My subscription runs out in 21 days and it looks like I will be going to another app.  It is a shame cus I really like Naviator and have recommended it to several friends.  Really disappointed.  I am still using the temporary password but I do not think that makes a difference.



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