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#1 2017-Apr-25 7:01 pm

Registered: 2011-Sep-24
Posts: 119

Missing ADS-B traffic

I use a Dual XGPS-170 UAT receiver for ADS-B in displaying with Naviator on a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro tablet.  The plane has a 1090es transponder for ADS-B out.  Flying in the Boston/New York/Philadelphia/Washington DC corridor means that Naviator is always in range of an ADS-B rebroadcast ground station, and rarely fewer than 4.  And radar coverage is complete at cruise altitudes.

With all that, I've started to notice traffic targets disappear for a minute or two and then reappear.  These are targets that are at several thousand feet AGL so they are not dipping below and then back into radar coverage.  And I know that they are real as they are usually part of a group of planes I am with flying to or from a fly-in.  And it is only one or two at any one time that disappear, with often a half dozen or more others still visible on the screen.  Distance doesn't seem to be a factor as there will often be visible targets both nearer and farther than the one that disappeared.  Finally, I don't think that their transponders are failing both because others in our group report no issues with missing targets and because I would expect that ATC would remark when an airplane receiving flight following within a Class B 30 mile veil has a transponder malfunction.

So, with all that background, any idea what could be happening?  Should this be in the Naviator "Bugs" section, or is it a general issue with ADS-B?


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