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#1 2016-Mar-13 11:31 am

Registered: 2015-Aug-04
Posts: 50

The 3D button on the main screen should toggle to MAP

When you press the 3D button on the main screen and the software switches to 3D(Virtual) view, the 3D button sort of becomes inoperative/redundant - although I think it is building a recall stack when you keep pressing it because it takes just as many <back> button presses to undo it to get back to the MAP view.

What should happen to make everyone happy about getting back to the MAP from virtual View is that the 3D button should change to read, MAP so that they is a clear and obvious path back to the MAP. Pressing the <back> is not intuitive. This would also give functionality to a button that is redundant in Virtual view.

Thanks for considering this idea


#2 2016-Mar-14 4:11 pm

Registered: 2013-Jul-20
Posts: 67

Re: The 3D button on the main screen should toggle to MAP

Actually, all three buttons, HSI, PFD, and 3D should work the same.  They don't now, and a toggle for all three that bring you immediately back to the chart (as cmmguy suggests), would be much better than stepping all the way back to get to the chart.


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