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#1 2016-Jan-13 11:35 am

Registered: 2015-Aug-09
Posts: 29

IFR Waypoints Global Database available for Naviator.

Hello Aviators.

I have just collected a Global Database with all the IFR Waypoints existing until 2015. There are 107,301 waypoints in the database.

Then I decided to import it in Naviator with sucessful results. I wasn't able to do this in previous versions because the user waypoints where visible all the time no matter the zoom factor and the screen got cluttered. Now with latest release it depends on the zoom factor (Good point Naviator! Thanks!)

Since Naviator doesnt like to populate his default navaid database with all the global waypoints, I am providing to the community the files needed.  This is useful if you fly IFR and need to fly to an IFR waypoint.

The only issue is there will be duplicated waypoints when you visualize "intersections" and "user waypoints". But I have not seen any problem.

It would be good that Naviator modifies the import function in order to skip the duplicated navaids. But meanwhile we can use it this way.

Or better yet! That Naviator reads this post and include this data in its default database!

LINK: … sp=sharing



Download and extract files.

=Easy way=  (File exploring, copy, paste knowledge needed).

Go to your Android folder:

and overwrite the file: userwp.db
(You will lose your custom user waypoints)

=Hard way=

Extract  the file "IFR_Waypoints_2015.gpx"
and import it with the import user waypoints function of Naviator
(Menu-->Plan-->User waypoints-->Import Waypoints--> search gpx file). It takes about 20 mins. to complete.

Happy flying!


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