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#1 2015-Oct-26 12:05 pm

Registered: 2015-Aug-09
Posts: 29

Insert navaids into Naviator default Database

I wonder if somebody here knows how to open Naviator default database and insert records directly? Tried to open the database with SQLITE with negative results.

Reason: recently I got a global IFR Waypoints database (more than 100,000 records) and I would like to insert it into the default Database.

If I use the "import user waypoints" function I will have the following issues:

* Duplicated navaids.  Import function doesnt validate duplicated navaids. (I need to delete the waypoints already existing in default db).
* User waypoints showing all the time no matter the zoom factor. This will overload the Naviator graphics system.
   - This is the reason why I would like to insert it directly and set it as "reporting point" in order to avoid the overloading of user points at the screen. The reporting points dissapears automatically when you are zooming out avoiding the screen waypoints overloading.

Other option is to seat and wait Naviator fetch the data and completes the database with the missing waypoints. I know USA and Canada are complete but other countries like Mexico (my country) have missing navaids and waypoints.


#2 2015-Nov-12 5:58 pm

Registered: 2015-Oct-28
Posts: 5

Re: Insert navaids into Naviator default Database

I'd like to know this as well.  I'd like to be able to add the GPS waypoints for Japan.  I've added a few of the ones we use regularly to my user waypoint list but I'd like to be able to only pull up the ones I'm using when I use them rather than having them display at all times.


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