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#1 2015-Sep-05 10:33 am

From: Vancouver, BC
Registered: 2011-Mar-16
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Naviator 3.5

Naviator version 3.5 has been released to the Play Store. Edit: A newer version is now available here.

Version 3.5:

  • Added runways to the Synthetic Vision

  • Added one nautical mile grid lines to the Synthetic Vision

  • Added configuration options for the Synthetic Vision to improve functionality on a wider variety of devices

  • Integration with the new iLevil autopilot interface

  • Added a "NO GPS" warning to the geo-referenced approach plates

  • Improved logic for activating the next waypoint in a route

  • Added an ADS-B traffic filter. When enabled, distant traffic is hidden from the map screen (distant traffic = further than 15nm or greater than 3,500ft difference in altitude)




#2 2015-Sep-10 8:13 am

Registered: 2012-Feb-16
Posts: 40

Re: Naviator 3.5

Wow No replies to one of the best releases...  Runways added to Synthetic vision and the Grids are great... I just ordered some mounts so I can have this set up all the time in my cockpit.  I will add here that there are some bugs with the Samsung Galaxy Tab3 8 inch and the synthetic vision.  I am really hopping this can be fixed and is not a limitation of the tablet.  Great work Mike!


#3 2015-Sep-10 8:54 am

Registered: 2012-Oct-04
Posts: 223

Re: Naviator 3.5

Different strokes for different folks. This release didn't do much for me but I'm glad you like it. I am more focused on rock solid reliability and Naviator is much better now than in the past in this regard. I also like the ADS-B features and glad to see the GPS warning on the approach plates. Perhaps the waypoint improvements are a help but I've not had too many issues there (except for rerouting).

I think Mike mentioned that constant monitoring of the ADS-B connection would be included in the next release but he didn't mention it in the list here. That's been a big problem for me as it pertains to the GPS signal between the tablet and my DUAL XGPS170 and I'm hoping that's been solved.

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