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#1 General Discussion » Does anybody know? » 2018-Sep-24 6:35 pm

Replies: 2

Does anyone out there know, and can say, what *really* happened to Mike that led to the orphaning of the code? 

I really like Naviator, and continue using it because it still works, is customized just to my liking, and still does >90% of what I'd want to do, and that is at least as good as any of the other available Android tools.  But a some point, unless there is a reason to expect future support, I'm going to have to give up and learn another EFB tool. sad


#2 Re: Charts & Data » stitched vfr chart bug » 2018-Sep-19 6:50 am

I don't see this problem. But a long while ago I made it a habit to shutdown & restart my tablet after every chart update before trying Naviator. Wonder if that makes any difference?

#3 Re: Bug Reports » No pressure altitude from Stratux » 2018-Aug-01 8:28 am

I don't know of any AHRS board for the stratux system that collects barometric data.  Which board did you install??

#4 Re: General Discussion » Samsung Note 8 stopped getting ADSB from Stratux » 2018-Apr-12 3:44 pm

You need to mention which version of Android you are running and which version of Naviator and which version of the stratux software.  It is likely that an OTA (over the air) update to your Note 8 swapped a setting.  The most common one is under Developer Options and is called "use legacy DHCP client" or something similar.  If it is off, try turning it on.  Or vice versa.  Reboot the Note8 after making the change.

#5 Re: Charts & Data » Chart Insets » 2018-Mar-24 7:24 pm

Not sure just what you are asking here.  If you load both the sectional and the terminal area chart for some area, the TAC will automatically overlay the sectional in the appropriate spot.

#6 Re: Suggestions » Checklists? » 2018-Feb-27 8:51 am

Perhaps I am missing something here?  I don't see much operational connection between navigation and checklists. 

I just have my checklist pages as a Word document that I view with Google Docs.  It stays open in the background and I simply switch to that app when I need to see it. 2 taps. In fact, I think that is actually better than having them integrated in my navigation app, since Naviator stays active in the mode I need and is always immediately available.  (OK, it takes *2* taps to get back to it.)


#7 Re: Bug Reports » Huawei M3 tab 8.4" SPLIT SCREEN NOT WORKING and Crash To Desktop (CTD) » 2018-Feb-24 5:06 pm

Settings -> Display
View Mode is immediately above Font Size and immediately below Wallpaper.
But - My system has done an OTA update to Android 7.0 and EMUI 5.0.1  Although this setting *was* there back in 6.0, it might have been elsewhere.

#8 Re: General Discussion » uavionix EchoUAT » 2018-Feb-18 12:59 pm

You should probably add info on your transponder, and on whether you have the EchoUAT device wired to it or sniffing it.

#9 Re: General Discussion » Best Samsung tablet » 2018-Jan-14 9:02 am

Why only Samsung? I'm having great performance and outstanding screen from Huawei Mediapad M3 8.4.

#10 Re: Bug Reports » Huawei M3 tab 8.4" SPLIT SCREEN NOT WORKING and Crash To Desktop (CTD) » 2017-Dec-13 8:18 pm

Despite these reports, I went out and bought a Mediapad M3 8.4 anyway. (Perhaps I'm not so bright?)  Couldn't resist the discounted price and the amazing screen.
But, I can happily report that I now have no such issues at all.  My only problem was needing to change the tablet's "view mode" in the Display settings to Small.  With other settings, the menus were messed up and the layers didn't work at all.  Once I changed the View Mode to Small, everything works just like on my old Nexus 7. smile
I would guess that the other View modes use some kind of interpolation on the screen resolution, which messes up how Naviator wants to use display, while small uses the screen hardware cleanly.  Please try that change (which will require a device reboot) to see if things work better.
BTW, my Mediapad is still at Android 6.0 and the stock EMUI interface.

#11 Re: Bug Reports » lynx 9000 traffic function » 2017-Nov-24 9:15 pm

We did select L3 for the port.  No ADS-B functions worked at all.  Nothing on the screen and all red on the diagnostics page, despite being connected to the unit.  Switched the whole thing over to my stratux box and everything worked fine.  Went back and tried all the other flavor options, too, with zero luck.

#13 Re: General Discussion » lynx 9000 traffic function not working » 2017-Nov-21 2:29 pm

Probably will be out there sometime this evening, 11/21, also.

#14 Re: General Discussion » lynx 9000 traffic function not working » 2017-Nov-21 2:26 pm

No I don't have that checked.  As I said, I use the tablet's internal GPS.
I am also at Falcon, and will be at the airport at least part of the days 22-24 Nov.  Perhaps we can meet and work it out in person?  If nothing else, we'd get another data point from a different tablet.
You can text me at 480-695-9568.

#15 Re: General Discussion » lynx 9000 traffic function not working » 2017-Nov-21 6:35 am

I use the GPS in my tablet, and for ADS-B I use a stratux box without GPS. (If that is what you are asking.)

#16 Re: General Discussion » lynx 9000 traffic function not working » 2017-Nov-20 10:19 pm

Right in the app.  Settings -> External Devices -> ADS-B Settings -> ADS-B Diagnostics (at the bottom of the page).

#18 Re: Bug Reports » Data validity date not updating » 2017-Oct-20 9:58 am

Cool way to do a fix! Works for me also.

#19 Re: Bug Reports » Data validity date not updating » 2017-Oct-18 7:37 am

As of the my data update, the date did *not* change.  The indicator line still says data valid until 12 October, even though the data is up-to-date.  So the problem is still there - not showing when an update is due, and not changing when the update is done.

#20 Re: General Discussion » How to save a route under a specific name? » 2017-Oct-06 10:11 am

Somewhat obtuse, but...
Save Route - will be saved as Untitled
Load Route - select the untitled route
When you select the route, an option to Rename will appear above it.

#21 Re: Bug Reports » Charts Disappear After One or Two Days Samsung Tab 4 After 3.8.7 Updat » 2017-Aug-21 4:16 pm

Side note that I had issues early on (-3 years?) trying to use card memory instead of main memory for maps.  Didn't try to work it out, just reinstalled and set-up for main memory.  Are you putting them maps on a card??

#22 Re: General Discussion » ADS B Mandate2020 » 2017-Aug-14 7:59 am

Haven't personally tried it, but there is a "pingbuddy" port option in the menus, and one might assume roll that µAvionix would consistently use the same WiFi port.

#23 Re: Bug Reports » old TFRs showing up » 2017-Aug-09 9:08 am

It is not only Naviator that shows these TFRs. Many other non-FAA sites like NavMonster and Flightwise also continue to show these sites, based on their original expiration dates. It is very common for the FAA to issue such TFRs with 2-month or indefinite closing dates.  The FAA TFR site does not show them any more, nor does the AOPA FlightPlanner.  This altogether implies that some databases are not being properly updated somewhere, and Naviator is accessing one of those databases.

#24 Re: Bug Reports » Naviator problems working with Stratux » 2017-Aug-07 7:42 am

One other thing to check, since you are running an new version of Android: Under Settings (android, not Naviator), Developer Options, you might want to try "Use legacy DHCP client".  You'll need to reboot the tablet after checking this to be sure it resets properly.

#25 Re: Bug Reports » Naviator problems working with Stratux » 2017-Aug-07 6:09 am

On your tablet, under External Devices - ADS-B Settings, did you set the WiFi port to Stratux?

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