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#2 Re: General Discussion » Will Naviator display the new ADS-B information? » 2018-Jul-12 5:47 pm

Many FIS-B products that have been available for years, and requested by Naviator subscribers for years, still haven't been implemented.  Sorry to say, but I wouldn't expect any new FIS-B products to be implemented into Naviator any time soon.  But Mike could surprise us, I guess.

#3 Re: Naviator Releases » Naviator 3.8.5 » 2017-Jul-29 12:23 pm

Drakadoc wrote:

I am a little worried about the lack of updates.  I don't what is happening but I really don't want Naviator to phase out as I really like this App. For me Naviator is very user friendly.

Many here feel the same way - Naviator is really the best out there at any price.  And I think it's why many of us are so frustrated.

#4 Re: Naviator Releases » Naviator 3.8.5 » 2017-Jul-29 12:20 pm

Anyone else submit email to or and not receive a reply?  Used to be the replies came quick but I sent one back in mid May 2017, and never heard anything back.  I waited a month and posted here in the bugs section.  It's been a month and no reply.

Mike hasn't appeared to have posted here since May. 

When new features that get requested by a bunch of people for YEARS never get addressed, well that's on the customer to determine the value of the product.  But if a link to TFRs, weather, or other things break and don't get fixed, a producer owes it to his subscriber base to sub the work out, even at a big loss of revenue.  Because staying the course will result in a big loss of revenue too.

#5 Re: Bug Reports » Google Earth 9 » 2017-Jul-29 11:57 am

When my tablet updated to Google Earth V9 in May 2017, the Play in Google Earth routine no longer worked.  So I found the apk for Earth v8 and downgraded it.  I immediately wrote to support and informed them that the Google Earth update had broken the routine, and was surprised when I didn't hear back.  I waited a month, and then posted in this thread, in hopes he might respond here.  It's been a month now, so I'll have to figure out what the negative response means by conjecture.

#6 Bug Reports » Google Earth 9 » 2017-Jun-29 3:46 am

Replies: 1

Mike, any progress with Google Earth 9 compatibility?

#7 Re: Suggestions » Bluetooth to serial adapter support » 2017-Mar-09 8:38 am

Sonex832 wrote:

Thanks guys. One last request when/if you can ... can you check and let me know how you have the 4 dip switches set on the RN adapter.

Thx again, and good flying!


Sorry about the delay on getting the photo.  Here's the way mine is configured (all four down):


#8 Re: General Discussion » Error message » 2017-Feb-24 11:43 am

I've had three different ADS-B devices and they all worked the same.  On the ground at my airport, I cannot see an ADS-B tower.  When I first launch Naviator during preflight, in the top left screen, I get an ORANGE colored message, "ADS-B Warning".  On climbout at approximately 1200' AGL when I am within sight of a tower, the message turns to a GREEN "ADS-B OK" and stays that way if I remain in sight of a tower.  If I loose sight of a tower, the message turns to the ORANGE "ADS-B Warning".  If I cruise around a bit and power down my ADS-B receiver, I will get a RED "ADS-B Error".  If my ADS-B receiver quits outputting for any reason, I get a RED "ADS-B Error".  To verify that the problem isn't Naviator, simply back out of the app, clear it out of memory, and relaunch it.  I have found it necessary at times to "Reconnect" Naviator to the ADS-B IN receiver, and at times I've had to toggle bluetooth (if that's how you are connecting) off, then back on, but those are exceptions to an otherwise reliable interface.

Hope this helps.

#9 Suggestions » AOPA Flight Plans - Login » 2017-Feb-11 3:16 pm

Replies: 0

Mike, when entering credentials to access AOPA flight plans, an option to "Remember Login" would sure be nice.  My tablet is mine alone - no one else uses it, and I am very comfortable with the security if the login and password were remembered, or defaulted (with ***** for a password).  It would be slicker, much like not having to enter Lockheed Martin or DUATS credentials to file, or not having to login to the Naviator Hangar to upload tracks.

#10 Re: Suggestions » Bluetooth to serial adapter support » 2017-Feb-08 5:43 pm

Garth, mine is untouched from the factory and I can't remember which mode it is in, but I seem to remember it being in slave mode (2 ON, others OFF).  Next time I go out to the plane I'll take a picture and post here.

Not sure if you have the manual, but I've posted it on my web site, here: … Manual.pdf

#11 Re: Suggestions » Bluetooth to serial adapter support » 2017-Feb-08 6:40 am

5VDC on mine, provided by the Navworx box.  I suspect it's a bit weak because the same 5v is used for their Transmon device, and I never could get it working reliably.  It is also why I'm not powering the WIFI and Bluetooh together at the same time.  If I were wiring it up and worried about not having a strong power source, I'd probably run a simple LM7805 or LM7808 off the 12V aircraft bus and put 5 or 8vdc to it. … ulator.GIF

#12 Re: Suggestions » Bluetooth to serial adapter support » 2017-Feb-07 6:44 pm

Sonex832 wrote:

...I have had limited success going the Bluetooth route with a Roving Networks adapter. Hoping Naviator will [soon] add support for this adapter....

Garth, I am using a Roving Networks RN-240 on my Navworx ADS600-B box, and Naviator communicates with it perfectly.  Here's how mine is wired:

As you can see, I use a toggle switch to select either WIFI or Bluetooth.  Nevermind that, just trace it through as if it were in the Bluetooth position.

#13 Re: General Discussion » Traffic Advisories not showing » 2016-Oct-21 6:06 pm

Mike, I really like the way you implemented traffic, (both audible and visual).  I think it is done better than any other app, including those on the iOS devices.

#14 Re: General Discussion » ADS-B Out » 2016-Sep-01 7:21 am

The problem with the Navworx WIFI isn't with Naviator or any app.  I had the Navworx WIFI connected to the Navworx Display 2, and the Bluetooth device connected to the Display 1.  According to Navworx, this should have allowed both WIFI and Bluetooth outputs to display traffic, but it didn't.  There was no traffic sent to the Display 2 device by the Navworx box.  I have since moved both Bluetooth and WIFI to Display 1 (and use a DPDT switch to select WIFI or Bluetooth) and it sends out traffic through either device.   Here's a schematic of how I did it if you want to have both WIFI and Bluetooth capabilities with a Navworx ADS600-B.

#16 General Discussion » Maintenance Mode » 2016-Aug-31 7:31 am

Replies: 3

It's been a while since a release and many popular and important features and suggestions have gone years without implementation.  I like Naviator and believe it to be the best value for my needs, but if the software is just being maintained at this point, with no or few additional features coming, could you set our expectations accordingly?  And if not, can you give us a hint as to which features are coming, along with a rough timeline?  It's your product and of course you don't need to do any of this, and as a customer we don't have the right to complain or whine, only to vote with our wallet, but that isn't what this note is about and I hope it doesn't come across as hostile or threatening.  I'd just like to know what the future looks like for Naviator.  Thanks!

#18 Re: General Discussion » ADS-B Out » 2016-Jul-29 9:25 am

maverick wrote:

Maybe I can help. I am a NavWorX dealer and installer. I am not an expert, ask my wife. Do you have the WiFi adapter? Have you checked the pin wiring from the adapter to the ADS-B transceiver?  Have you tried another tablet with Naviator installed? Can you see NavWorX in your WiFi settings on your tablet? Have you connected this WiFi?  Need to start with the basics.

Appreciate the response Jim.  I have the Navworx WIFI adapter installed, as shown here:  I can see the Navworx WIFI on all my devices and computers, and have no problem at all connecting successfully to it.  The wiring from the WIFI USB socket to the ADS600-B P1 has been checked and is fine.  I have tried two other tablets and have had the same results.  To me, it looks like a Navworx issue with a failure to output traffic over its WIFI device.  The WIFI may or may not output FIS-B either, but I'd have to get the plane up to 1500' to verify and I'm not ready to do that yet.

maverick wrote:

Your Transceiver will not broadcast until it is activated by a Transponder test set or by a radar hit on your plane's transponder asking for an interrogation. Until that happens you will not see all green on your tablet. Also until your system sees a ground station or is interrogated by another aircraft inside your Hocky Puck you will not get traffic.  There could be other reasons why your system is not ready for flight.
When you hook up the ADS-B NavWorX program, what does the status page state?
In Naviator, are you getting a green ADS-B OK symbol in the top left area?

The Navworx desktop software shows the system ready for flight.  OUT seems to be working fine.  The status page shows good information being caught by the TransmonSPE.   I haven't flown the system yet so I can't tell you if Naviator switches to a green ADS-B OK message when I get within UAT range, but there is no reason why it shouldn't.  But My problem for now revolves around TIS-B, and that is easy enough to duplicate on the ground with the Traffic Simulator in the Navworx desktop software.

Understood about the interrogation.  A local IDENT also induces the altitude and code into the TransmonSPE.  Works fine, but again, this isn't my problem, which is that I'm not getting traffic information through the Navworx WIFI module.  Connected to Navworx WIFI and looking at the Naviator ADS-B status, all are GREEN except for FIB-B, which is as it should be.  While connected as such, the message in the top left corner of Naviator, in orange, states "ADS-B Warning", which it always shows when not within range of a UAT station.  If there was a problem, it would state "ADS-B Error" in red.  The Navworx WIFI module does output "Own Ships Location" information, so baud rate, connectivity, etc., appear to be fine.  I can us this data to show present position, direction of travel, etc., in Naviator and other apps.

With the tablet connected to Navworx via Bluetooth, I get the same GREEN GREEN GREEN RED under Naviator's ADS-B Status page, but now, there is traffic across Naviator's map.  Works like it is supposed to.  I have tried other tablets (all android) and other apps.  All work great with all IN data via bluetooth and none work when using WIFI (except own ship position).

I have used AVARE's I/O module to dump what's coming out of WIFI and Bluetooth.  You can see screenshots of each at:


It appears to me that Navworx is not putting out TIS-B through its WIFI module and this may only be because I also have Bluetooth on Display 1, WIFI  on Display 2, and (in my case) ARINC 429 on Display 3 going to my GNS430.  As a side note, if you can help with this, traffic to the GNS430 works fine but only shows up on the Traffic page and not the Main Map page.  Any ideas on this one?  I am running a GNS430 Main SW 4.00, GPS SW 3.00.


#19 Re: General Discussion » ADS-B Out » 2016-Jul-22 9:43 am

I have Naviator working perfectly with the Navworx ADS600-B Bluetooth IN.  It shows actual traffic as well as Navworx simulated traffic generated by their desktop software (which is connected to the ADS600-B's maintenance port).  The Naviator ADS-B Diagnostics screen shows green for the top three items and red for the bottom-most item.  I am on the ground and there is no UAT station available, so everything is working fine via bluetooth.

I cannot get traffic (simulated or real) to show up on Naviator via the Navworx ADS600-B WIFI IN.  I have connected the tablet to the ADS600-Bs WIFI server, turned off the tablet's bluetooth, and unplugged the Roving Networks bluetooth device from the ADS600-B just to make sure it doesn't connect that way.  As with bluetooth, Naviators ADS-B Diagnostics screen shows green for the top three items and red for the bottom-most item.  Everything appears to be working fine via WIFI, but there is no display of traffic on the tablet.

I've tried a couple of different tablets and had the same results.  Unfortunately I don't have any apps that will use Navworx WIFI, so I can't test any further.  Any ideas?

#20 Re: General Discussion » Garmin GTX 345 » 2016-Jul-15 5:49 pm

clifton wrote:

...That said, it seems that both Stratus and Garmin use proprietary protocols that lock you in to Foreflight (or Pilot, in the case of Garmin.)  As far as I can tell, for those of us with certified aircraft Lynx is the only 1090ES solution that works with Naviator.

Clifton, check out the Navworx ADS600-B (about $2200).  I just helped a friend install it in his plane (took us approximately 18 hours to install) and can tell you the bluetooth IN to Naviator works perfectly.  He also has it ARINC'd into his Garmin 430 to display traffic, and it also has WIFI if he ever wants to send the IN to various apps on both android and iOS.  In my opinion, the Navworx box is the cheapest, best 2020 compliant solution that won't force you to use a specific app or hardware device.

#21 Re: Suggestions » Poor Battery Life » 2016-May-18 2:45 pm

Mike, I hard-wire my tablets and they are always charging and at 100%.  I like mine on and bright and I don't want it dimming.  If you implement the above, please consider making it optional.

#22 Re: General Discussion » Android devices that Naviator works on with few problems » 2016-May-18 9:33 am

cmmguy wrote:

...ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 (Z580CA)  link

4Gb Ram, 64Gb built-in memory

It works extremely well with Naviator. Zero lag.  Maybe the only issue will be battery. No recharge during a weekend flight of 2.1 hours and there was 60% of the battery left. In flight charging might be necessary.

$249 on Amazon

Just bought one, although the best price I could find was $269 (newegg).  This is a very nice tablet that works great with Naviator.  I took it on a one hour flight the other day and the battery went down to 80%, so I'm seeing the same battery issue you saw.  This morning I hard wired it to the avionics bus.  Problem solved.  Only other problem is secure mounting.  I just ordered a RAM-HOL-TAB27U from Amazon.  Hope it works out.

#25 General Discussion » Navworx ADS600-B » 2016-Mar-30 5:46 pm

Replies: 2

I know Naviator can read TIS-B and FIS-B from the ADS600-B WIFI output, but can it use its Bluetooth output instead?  I'd like to use the RN-240M and have a bluetooth connection instead of WIFI.  I have included the diagram for both, below.  Thanks


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