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#1 Bug Reports » A/FD not displaying for certain airports on Nexus 7 v5.1.1 » 2017-Nov-14 5:14 pm

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A formal bug report has been filed for this...but  I observe that certain airports are displaying blank page for A/FD information even though other airports from that state are displaying.  I do not not see this behavior on all of my Naviator devices, but the Nexus 7 is definitely showing the problem.  I am seeing the problem for KTRI and KROA in states of TN and VA.

#2 Re: General Discussion » Need Reset » 2017-Sep-15 6:19 pm

make your way into "my hangar" of the login to your account at

you should be able to see a "reset devices" button on the page below:

#3 Re: Bug Reports » No info for Winds Aloft » 2017-Aug-07 11:55 am

Hmm, you made me check that feature on my Nexus 5x.  It displays them properly.  (phone and wi-fi is online)

However, please note that an internet connection must be in place for those to be retrieved.
Web connections like that can be down time-to-time.  Did you check to see if it works today?
Also, could your tablet/phone run other internet access apps at the time to show that its connection was working?

Also, a request to utilize the winds aloft in ADS-B data streams (Stratus, Stratux, etc. ) has not yet been implemented.  So you need to be in wi-fi or phone data connection with the internet to get winds aloft.

#4 Re: Naviator Releases » Naviator 3.8.5 » 2017-Jul-27 7:53 am

Later and more current app please

#5 Re: General Discussion » Error message » 2017-Feb-24 1:33 pm

In my experience one should note that connections to ADS-B with Naviator (either DUAL XGPS170 or Stratux) generally need the ADS-B unit to be up and running BEFORE starting the Naviator app. 

You then generally get a good connect with bluetooth (DUAL) or wi-fi (Stratux) as Naviator is started.

The ORANGE  simply means tower is not seen.  GREEN means good connection.  RED generally means Naviator (or the device it is running on) is having an "issue".  BUT, most commonly for me it meant:

           a)  the power supply for the Stratux devise was inadequate (I changed from Mashi battery to the Jackery battery for my Stratux
                    978/1090/gps build)


           b)  the Stratux device needed to be rebooted (it is a work-in-progress software package after all)

Each issuance of the Stratux software has improved things for me.  Try running the latest release of software if you are using Stratux.  There are still lingering problems from Stratux because of need to have "write" access to the SD software card, but a future version that is "read-only" might remedy those problems.

#6 Re: Naviator Releases » Naviator 3.8.5 » 2017-Feb-02 5:13 pm

cmmguy wrote:

Looks like Maintenance release 3.8.5 is out

For us non-Playstore folks using Fire tablets, can the link to APK be updated to 3.8.5 (goes to 3.8.4 currently)?

#7 Re: General Discussion » Android devices that Naviator works on with few problems » 2016-Dec-20 3:01 pm

aelliott wrote:

I would be interested, anecdotally, in hearing if you are successful in installing on any Fire HD tablet.  Note that the Fire tablets, except for the expensive HDX, do not have internal GPS nor acceleromters/gyros.

I will say that this new 7" Fire (not an HD) seems to operate fine with Naviator and my wi-fi coupled Stratux.  The APK was downloaded from the link on this website using the native Silk browser.  I could then open the apk file in the documents file and it installed without issues (of course you will need to configure Fire settings to permit non-Amazon apps and Naviator account credentials will need to be entered).   No hacks for getting Google Play were required for this.

This works, but it would be nice if Google Play services were in place to auto-update the app.  The hacks that I have read about seem to be subject to hiccups in their reliability.

#8 Re: General Discussion » Android devices that Naviator works on with few problems » 2016-Dec-20 10:49 am

Light_Sport wrote:

Most apps on the play store do not have an apk  file available outside the play store unless you use a very shady website to download it.  Naviatorapp has an official link to the application file so you can load it directly. The apk file is the app program packaged up to load onto your tablet.  I haven't used a fire tablet for quite some time,  but if you Google how to load and apk file on a fire tablet it should give you current instructions.

The risks in doing this are basically giving Ann application permission to install and run on your device.   This is a bad idea if you can't be sure of the apk file origin.  Such an app could get password ando account information, for example.  The play store supposedly weeds this type of program out, so that the remainder are vetted by google.

Again, since the source of the apk for naviator can be trusted (as much as anything on the internet), the apk is safe to load onto your tablet.

Yes, I agree the best source for the app is directly from Naviatorapp.  Mike has corrected an oversight and the latest version link is now posted.

But, what might you know about any safe ways to enable Play stores services to function on the Kindle fire?  Getting Play to work would be nice so Mike would not have to take special efforts to link APK from this website.  It might also allow automatic updating.

#9 Re: General Discussion » Android devices that Naviator works on with few problems » 2016-Dec-18 10:59 am

Mike wrote:

APK files for Naviator releases are posted in this forum:


But, I do not see that there is a link to most current release that will keep one current with the Play Store??  I only see a link to 3.8.3, none to 3.8.4

#10 Re: General Discussion » Android devices that Naviator works on with few problems » 2016-Dec-17 3:16 pm

cmmguy wrote:

You would need the APK file for Naviator and you would have to change the settings in your Android to allow non-playstore installs.  Amazon video does it this way.

I would think Amazon video would be native to Amazon Fire via the amazon app store.  I think you might have been saying that certain Amazon apps are installed to a native Google device via a work around.  I suppose this is the opposite case of what I am looking for in downloading Naviator on a non-google play device.

It might work, but I do not readily see where is offering APK's.  They redirect download click to the Google play store.

Do you have a suggestion of where to download the APK directly from?  A quick search seemed to head off to sites that offer APK download's but they look sketchy with their offers of PDF readers and other "communicable" virus/malware bait.

#11 Re: General Discussion » Android devices that Naviator works on with few problems » 2016-Dec-17 6:55 am

Several folks have mentioned use of the Kindle Fire tablets.  But my new 7" Fire (the 16gb) does not have native access to Google Play store.  I read of some hacks to get that, but have some Naviator users done this to get Play store and/or can you install Naviator without doing that?  And, what concerns/risks were involved in that?

#12 Re: General Discussion » Stratux display on NAVIATOR while using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 » 2016-Sep-22 6:34 pm

lwojcik wrote:

I am trying to hook up a stratux clone (Flightbox, RPi3, software ver 1.0, with a external GPS puck) to Naviator 3.8 running on an Asus TX-101, Android 4.03.

I can connect to the flightbox on the wifi link at and it comes up with the status page.  It gives all the info, lat/lon, recieved beacon signals, etc to the Asus.

As best as I can tell, it is not connecting at all to the Naviator program, no GPS or other info, although under the ADSB setup status, it has the top block green, all the others red.  Could there be a problem with the SSID?

I got the Flightbox primarily so that I could use an external GPS, since the one in the tablet gets blocked by the fuselage and wings (C172).  Of course the weather and TFRs will be good to have too.



i have seen similar behavior with my stratux.  often times a restart of the stratux will correct it (of course you will have to reconnect naviator device to the stratux wifi when you reboot).

#13 Re: General Discussion » Stratux display on NAVIATOR while using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 » 2016-Sep-22 6:31 pm

lwojcik wrote:

Slightly off topic, but what does a fine grid of horizontal lines covering the map display mean?

generally that means you have selected display of radar, but the radar has not yet been retrieved.  as the radar data is received blocks of the grid lines will be replaced with updated radar.

#14 Re: General Discussion » altitude info for recorded flight » 2016-Jul-31 6:51 pm

It would be from the GPS.  Naviator devices typically do not have access to transponder or static/pressure data.

#15 Re: General Discussion » Adding aircraft to flight plan » 2016-Jun-19 4:31 pm

172m wrote:

Thanks I added my plane but nothing shows on the flight plan.  Where do I see the information, does it only appear when flying?  What if I have multiple airplanes built, how do I assign the particular to the flight?

Thanks again.

You would add multiple profiles to the list in the same manner you added the first one. When you then continue to the flight planning and briefing page and start to get briefing info you will be asked to select the aircraft to be used.

#16 Re: General Discussion » Adding aircraft to flight plan » 2016-Jun-18 3:26 pm

172m wrote:

Is there a way to add your aircraft to the flight plan so the I can see fuel burn rate and fuel remaining?  I'm sure it's there is way I just cannot find it.

Thanks in advance.

On initial main menu go to Plan then to Aircraft Profiles

#17 Re: General Discussion » Screen went sort of black » 2016-Jun-10 12:52 pm

zeddock wrote:

It really does not FIX the problem.

I WANT to have the weather layer turned on.
If there is no data in weather, a crosshatch should not be layered over the map.

Is there a way to fix that?


Just my opinion as another user... but..
I would suggest that the crosshatch pattern shows that the weather is missing versus "waiting on data from the ads-b tower".  Otherwise one might mistake the blank overlay as indicating no storms.   

In typical flights I find that the crosshatching clears up very quickly and displays wx return data in just a few minutes of flying with good ADS-B towers.

#18 Re: General Discussion » DIY ADS-B receiver? » 2016-May-02 4:38 pm

PAUL wrote:

Finally got the Stratux assembled and tested it in the air today on a ride with a friend in his plane. Everything worked great. It painted his aircraft on top of the airplane symbol. Later in ADSB Settings I noticed that I had my own plane's N-number entered there. Is that why? He only has a Mode C xponder, but we were hooked up with PHX approach squawking a discrete code, so I assume ATC entered his N-number into their equipment. So if I had entered his N-number in Settings, his plane would not have shown up? What if we were just squawking 1200? Then Naviator would not know an N-number and could not avoid displaying its own aircraft as traffic regardless of what N-number had been entered in Settings. Obviously I'm not clear on this and would appreciate any input.

Just my opinion and experience...Without your ownship having ADS-B "Out" any ATC representation and transmission of your ownship target over TIS is depending on ATC to hand type in your call sign (unless they might have picked it up from your IFR clearance or VFR flight following track).  Such human interaction is going to be iffy and they use some shorthand such as calling your N1234AB as N4AB as they shorten your call as they might do in talking on the radio.  Of course N4AB is not going to match "N1234AB" you so carefully entered into Naviator's setting page ...   So expect to see yourself as conflict traffic sometimes.

Mike has added the ability to select the false alarm ownship target and mute it.   That generally takes care of the problem, but I have also noticed that as you cruise along you will come in range of other towers or TRACON coverage that may paint your target but it assign it a target number different from the area you just left.  That means the process of muting the target might be required again.

Anyway, it is certainly an exciting thing to see and hear in action (I use bluetooth from the tablet to feed alert audio to my headset/intercom).

#19 Re: General Discussion » Error message » 2016-Apr-24 12:10 pm

jimmyg2000 wrote:

I keep getting the error message on my tablet "ADS-B:ERROR" in red. It is in the upper left corner of the Sectional screen. When I first built the Stratux ADS-B In receiver I had a green "ADS-B:OK" message there. I can't figure out what is going on. Anybody got any ideas?
Thank you,

Stratux is beta software, so that sort of thing happens.  A check of the ADS-B status page of Naviator's ADS-B settings may reveal more.  Often enough it means a glitch has occurred on the software handshaking that is needed for the two systems to play well together.  a good boot of either and/or both may remedy it, but you may more commonly have the problems below:

1)In my experience it may also happen if power or overheat problems occur in the Stratux.  Overheat can be corrected with better ventilation or forced air cooling (via built in fans that some folks install, or in my case I placed the box in front of the cool air vents). 

2)Also, 2 radio dongles and a GPS can draw enough power that some battery/usb-cable combos are borderline in supplying the needed 5volts at about 1amp for the raspberry PI.  The original Mashi battery was often reported as iffy for power, and better Anker batteries or ship's powered USB 2.1 converters were recommended with hefty thick USB power cables.

There is a red LED on the Pi circuit board that will blink when power is a potential problem.  it is steady if power is good.   DO NOT confuse that red LED with the other red LED on the ry835AI integral gps/flat-plate antenna that will Blink red when good GPS  lock has occurred.

#20 Re: General Discussion » One more thing » 2016-Apr-24 11:51 am

jimmyg2000 wrote:

How do you tell which radio dongle is receiving what? Or if they are working at all.

you really don't need to care, but reams have been written on stratux reddit site that explain the hacks to determine that. 

but if you are able to receive metars/weather radar inflight that means your 978 is working.

if you are at home (with good skyview or wooden standard roof)
   and turn off Naviator's traffic filtering (on the setting page, that allows all known traffic to display without concern of whether it is nearby)             
   and you see any passing airliner traffic at altitude that pretty much means your 1090es dongle is working.

as talked about on stratux reddit for standard 2 dongle setups the software arbitrarily (for our purposes) grabs one dongle for 978
    and assigns the other to 1090es.
    some of the icon minutiae  of the traffic display page in the browser reveal the sources of the traffic also.

IMHO it matters little in practice if you know which dongle is working for which.

#21 Re: General Discussion » Screen went sort of black » 2016-Apr-22 6:33 pm

jimmyg2000 wrote:

I think you may be right. I looked for weather overlays but couldn't find it. How do I get there?
Thank you,

from the sectional or vfr map screen you should see a "layers" at the top.  you press that and you can turn on/off layers including traffic, terrain, obstacles... and then by selecting the other tab you can turn on/off Nexrad, IR, Metars, airmets,...etc.

#22 Re: General Discussion » Screen went sort of black » 2016-Apr-21 7:42 pm

jimmyg2000 wrote:

I was bench testing the Stratux ads-b and somehow changed the Sectional chart screen to a sort of black screen. You can still see the airports and airspace but it is all dark. If I put my finger on the screen the Sectional reappears but only while holding my finger on the screen. Anyone got an idea what I did?
Thank you,

Might you have selected weather overlays without being connected to ADS-b towers?  that will give a crosshatch pattern while waiting for weather data to fill in.  try deselecting weather overlays.

#23 Re: General Discussion » Active route screen » 2016-Apr-20 2:12 pm

curliegreen wrote:

Newby question again, thanks in advance. Only made 1 flight so far. How do I get rid of the active route screen at the bottom of the map screen? It takes up 1/3 of the screen. I found I can drag it down if I am real careful but difficult to do in flight. I would prefer it didn't come up unless I wanted it.

it may vary some when using a phone vs a tablet, but look for a "burger menu" a stack of line or dots and see if poking it gives a menu that allows choosing split screen or full screen.

you might also sometimes see stacked "caret or chevrons" or "^" pointing in various directions.  these sometimes point to something  that can be "slid" out or back in.  sometimes it even slides a little or a lot.

happy flying.

#24 Re: Suggestions » Checklists suggestion » 2016-Apr-18 9:58 am

jimmyg2000 wrote:

I have just recently built and installed a Stratux ADS-B in receiver. Now I get a Red "ADS-B ERROR" message in the upper left corner of my tablets screen. Does anyone know what this means?

that means you are not receiving any ADS-B towers.  You will most often need to be aloft in the airplane to pick up the towers' signal.  (unless your airport is close to a nearby tower).
Also, if you are new to Stratux double check you are connected to the STRATUX wifi and you will want to utilize your device's browser to insure that you configuration is set properly.  You can get the stratux info by telling your browser to connect to  (the browser stuff is totally independent of Naviator functionality).    Also, the Stratux software is less stable than the Naviator, so sometimes a good reboot of the stratux might remedy some glitches.

#25 Re: Suggestions » Deleting Recorded Flights » 2016-Mar-21 4:39 pm

Yes, having the ability to delete multiple flights would be handy.

  Alternately, if Naviator is difficult to modify to do this is there a path/directory where we can find the files and delete them with an external file manager?

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