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#1 Re: Naviator Releases » Naviator 3.9.1 » 2018-Oct-26 7:45 am

Yes, seems to be dead as far as application updates.  I'm paid into next year, so the good thing is that the updated charts still come out.


#2 Re: Charts & Data » stitched vfr chart bug » 2018-Sep-17 11:02 am

Luscombe wrote:

I noticed that if the VFR Chart option (not specific charts) is selected while having the TAC box selected the app will not let me zoom in clear and sometimes just leaves a blank page except for the layers selected. If I uncheck the TAC box, everything works fine. I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1

Just for my clarification...what isn't clear and/or leaves a blank page?  Outside the TAC or the TAC area?  Also, are you using online charts or charts that have already downloaded?  (Is the Settings->Map Settings->Use Online Charts checked or unchecked?)

I don't have the online charts box checked and I zoomed into the Chicago area VFR and TAC area without seeing a problem.



#3 Re: Naviator Releases » Naviator 3.9.1 » 2018-Sep-04 12:57 pm

I have seen an "ADS-B UPLINK WARN" which means that no ground stations are being received.  Is that what you are seeing?

#4 Re: General Discussion » ADSB traffic hockey puck » 2018-Apr-24 11:53 am

Did you try downloading the charts again?  It has been a long while since I made the move and I don't remember if I needed to download to the new location after making the change.  As you mention the Android version may make a difference too (Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014), Android 5.1.1).

#5 Re: General Discussion » ADSB traffic hockey puck » 2018-Apr-23 8:31 pm

Set the external storage device with: Settings --> Other Settings --> Chart Storage Drive --> Change Storage Location.  Select an installed external location.  I have used my Galaxy Tab this way for quite awhile without any problem.

#6 Re: Naviator Releases » Naviator 3.9.1 » 2017-Dec-19 10:48 pm

Did you mistakenly turn on night mode?  Check the light bulb icon.

#7 Re: General Discussion » Altitude Optimizer not working in 3.8.7 » 2017-Aug-12 7:00 am

Thanks for the reply.  Yes, I was entering a departure time.  Today it is working normally.  Now I know what the grey bar is the horizontally compressed box that normally has the "winning" altitude, wind, time and gallons in it.  Without any data that box becomes an empty narrow verticle grey bar (with no table data below it).


#8 General Discussion » Altitude Optimizer not working in 3.8.7 » 2017-Aug-11 5:05 pm

Replies: 2

Hi.  I am trying to execute the altitude optimizer but all I get is a grey vertical bar with no data under the 'Tap to Refresh' button.  This has worked before though possibly not this version.  Is this working for others?



Android 5.1.1
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 SM-P600)

#9 Re: Suggestions » Change the center of the map to be a future point » 2017-Jul-21 8:10 pm

I could see using the "T" being problematic from a map update point of view.  How about a selectable position from center to edge with four or five position options?

#10 General Discussion » uAvionix Scout supported? » 2017-Jul-21 8:05 pm

Replies: 3

I know from an earlier message that the uAvionix PingBuddy is supported.  Have they messed with the new Scout product so that it works only with ForeFlight or should it work with Naviator also?



#11 Re: Suggestions » Overlay Labeled Airways, and Intersections » 2015-Oct-07 3:59 pm

For the TAC issue simply de-select the TAC checkbox in the "Select Chart" popup.

#12 Re: Naviator Releases » Naviator 3.4.2 » 2015-Aug-06 9:34 pm

I expected the same as Chris B., set up most desired values in set of four and add less desired in the rest of the eight. Collapse or expand as needed but your most desired info is there if the "panel" is pulled out at all.  Not a big deal but just different than expected.

As always, thanks for a great app!


#13 Re: Charts & Data » IFR low carts don't show unless online » 2015-Jun-26 9:16 pm

Just checking the easy stuff:  Have you pressed on the "SELECT CHART" button in the upper right of the screen?  If you have downloaded a chart for where you are on the map it should be listed in the bottom section of that dialog box.  If you press "IFR LO" it will give you full coverage of the charts you have selected for download.

#14 Re: Bug Reports » Update in Progress popup when starting a download » 2015-Jun-22 9:30 pm

Jim, thanks for your clarification and opinion. 

My opinion is that it takes away from the polish of the program that Mike is working so hard on.  It isn't a high priority but sometimes these things can get fixed as a matter of course...but only when the developer knows about them. 

Thanks for a great program Mike!

#15 Re: Bug Reports » Update in Progress popup when starting a download » 2015-Jun-21 10:37 am

Jim, are you saying that is the way you think it should work or that you are having the same problem?

#16 Bug Reports » Update in Progress popup when starting a download » 2015-Jun-13 10:07 pm

Replies: 5

I thought I had asked this before but couldn't find any posts about it.  When there are data updates available and I request that they be downloaded, a popup says:

Update in Progress

An Update is currently in progress.  You can cancel the updates, or wait until they finish.

[Continue]    [Cancel]

I always just hit continue and the download starts without any other problem.  I can't say for sure how long this has been going on, but it seems it has been for a year, at least.

Any ideas?

Thanks Mike!

Samsung Galaxy Tab (10 inch) [SM-P600]
Android 4.4.2

#17 Re: Suggestions » Disable banking, adjust altitude threshold in Synthetic Vision » 2015-Apr-09 9:47 pm

With respect to showing altitude on the map page, have you tried long pressing one of the corners? This allows you to choose a data element for that corner...altitude is in the list.

#18 Bug Reports » "Intersesctions" in layer list. » 2015-Mar-15 10:25 pm

Replies: 0

Just an editing note: The spelling of "Intersesctions" needs fixing on the map layers list button.

Thanks for a great app Mike!

#19 Re: Naviator Releases » Naviator 3.2.7 » 2015-Feb-07 7:16 am

phuongsfc, you can fix this yourself through "Naviator Hanger -> My Hanger -> Account Settings -> Reset Devices".


#20 Re: Bug Reports » Rubber Band Icon missing » 2015-Jan-30 8:39 pm

It should be there between the HSI and VNAV buttons.  If not, what buttons ARE there?

#21 Re: General Discussion » Question About Samsung Galaxie Tab 4 » 2015-Jan-22 9:43 pm

I don't think this has anything to do with your new tablet.  Anytime you touch the screen you "unlock" the map center from your GPS position.  To "re-lock" your position to the center of the screen, touch the icon with the direction arrow in it.  This icon shows up above the bottom left data item.

#22 Re: General Discussion » approved EFB » 2013-Oct-09 9:19 pm

See AC 91-78 to fill in some of the fuzzys.


#23 Re: Bug Reports » Update field in 1.8.0 » 2013-Aug-23 10:32 pm

Well not quite there with regard to the update field (now on 1.8.1).  Updated all charts tonight but the update field says "No updates, next update is August 22,2013".  I rebooted my tablet but the date is still old.

Thanks for a great product and all your work Mike!


#24 Re: Bug Reports » Update field in 1.8.0 » 2013-Jul-24 11:07 pm

'Updates Available".  Downloaded updates today and now sub-text shows " data update is on August 22 2013". Looks like I am back in the present!

#25 Re: Bug Reports » Update field in 1.8.0 » 2013-Jul-22 12:32 am

Hi Mike.  Any update on this?  Why is the next update showing in the past (still the case).



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