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#1 Re: Suggestions » Range rings » 2019-Jul-12 3:43 pm

I hear ya, I thought about the same thing BUT I just use the GPS distance to make my calls.  At 10 miles out I make my call

#2 Re: Suggestions » Airways » 2019-Jul-11 4:18 pm

Also, the only way I can change airways on the fly when ATC gives me changes it to hit the rubber band button and drag the course line from one airway to the other.  It would be so nice to just select my airway between two fixes and make that instant change.

#3 General Discussion » No I dont want a fake passport!!!!! » 2019-Jul-11 4:15 pm

Replies: 0

Whats with all these fake accounts?  Time to clean house here in the Naviator forms!

#4 Suggestions » Airways » 2019-Jul-11 4:08 pm

Replies: 1

I know what this app needs, a "Load airway?" button in the flight plan section.  Just like in the Garmin 650 it would be nice to click your waypoint and have the option to load all airways.   That, in my opinion is the best function of the new Garmin products.

#5 Re: General Discussion » Best Samsung tablet » 2018-Sep-11 5:53 pm

I use a samsung tab 7 lte velcrod to my panel.  Strange thing though, the maps, terrain, everything you download will stop working.  Naviator becomes a white screen and a course line.  You gotta uninstall the app then reinstall it and download everything again.  Then the approach plates wont load ot a map wont show up again.  I suspect the tablet.  My advice, stay away from the 7inch samsungs

#6 Re: General Discussion » lynx 9000 traffic function not working » 2018-Sep-11 5:47 pm

I got to the bottom of this finally.  I just stopped checking the lynx button under the wifi section in adsb settings.  It works fine now, strange.

#7 Re: General Discussion » Stratux not working after loading approach plates » 2018-Sep-11 5:46 pm

You know what I found? I could never use the adsb info with my lynx 9000.  I stopped checking the lynx box under wifi.  I leave it blank now and the adsb info works.

#8 Re: Bug Reports » lynx 9000 traffic function » 2018-Jan-15 10:11 pm

Sorry for the late reply Mike.  Nothing will function in the adsb setting.  It's as if it's not even connected

#9 Bug Reports » lynx 9000 traffic function » 2017-Nov-22 4:50 pm

Replies: 3

Few of us worked on it for a while but still the app wont display traffic.  All settings are correct in "ADSB B SETTINGS", tablet is connected to the lynx 9000 wifi, no problems there.  Under "ADSB B settings" then "CONNECT" it will show Statius not connected.  We ran the app under Stratux and traffic worked perfectly.

#10 Re: General Discussion » lynx 9000 traffic function not working » 2017-Nov-22 11:35 am

The app is connected to the lynx over the wifi yet under the apps device settings it says status not connected.  Mabe it's because I'm using a galaxy note 4 and not a tablet?  It flat out won't work

#12 Re: General Discussion » lynx 9000 traffic function not working » 2017-Nov-21 2:07 pm

I'm sorry, all this tech talk makes my head spin.  I mean, do you have a checkmark in the use adsb as gps source in the adsb settings of the app?  I just had my entire panel updated and am trying to get everything to work right.  I see your in,mesa?  I'm at falcon airport

#13 Re: General Discussion » lynx 9000 traffic function not working » 2017-Nov-20 10:28 pm

Do you have use adsb gps source or not? Mine is off.

#14 Re: General Discussion » lynx 9000 traffic function not working » 2017-Nov-20 9:05 pm

Where would I find that?  Not in the app right?

#15 General Discussion » lynx 9000 traffic function not working » 2017-Nov-20 2:42 pm

Replies: 14

I have traffic enabled , I have specified lynx l-3 in the naviator settings.  My WiFi is connected to the lynx yet I don't see traffic on the app.  Am I missing something?

#16 Re: General Discussion » Geo reference DP & Arrivals » 2016-Jul-10 12:14 pm

Thanks!  I did email Seattle avionics and they said the same thing.  Have a look at wing x,  their new release will have geo referenced DP and stars.   I guess they found a way to make them to scale

#17 General Discussion » Geo reference DP & Arrivals » 2016-Jul-04 10:23 am

Replies: 3

I love the geographic reference approaches with the little plane showing your location.   So why not the same for a DP or arrival?   All we get is the departure diagram and nothing else.  Is this a possibility in the future?  If so that would be great and save me from upgrading to a GTN 650 just so I can depart the area.  I'm getting ready to make the ADSB switch and update my panel and would perfer to just upgrade to the lynx 9000 adsb unit which will wifi to naviator.

#18 Bug Reports » duats flight plan needs transponder code » 2016-Jan-31 4:51 pm

Replies: 0

I get an error message when I try and file a plan through afss that says service provider won't allow access.  The duats flight planer works fine but needs a transponder selection.  I been using it while on the job all last week picking up clearances . Each time atc would ask what code I was using which was weird at first until I realized there was no selection.  Thanks!

#19 Re: Bug Reports » update message but nothing to update » 2015-Jul-16 11:31 am

I'm sorry, it's a tfr update message.  Anyway to quiet it? Pops us every 15min. It used to just update without the message

#20 Re: Bug Reports » update message but nothing to update » 2015-Jul-13 10:46 pm

Ya it's weird.  Its not that big of deal but is annoying when it beeps and tells me I have 0 to download.  Is there a way to shut off the notification ?

#21 Bug Reports » update message but nothing to update » 2015-Jul-13 1:03 pm

Replies: 4

So every time I start up the program I get a message to download ifr updates.  All my updates are current and have the latest. Is it an easy fix?

#22 Re: Suggestions » Glideslope on the HSI for vnav descent. » 2014-Oct-15 10:40 pm

Exactly, I to have recommended this feature.  It sucks when you gotta keep checking the vnav button to see when it is time to let down.  I suggested at least a flag or message popup.  Gs bar might be to much to ask for I thought

#23 General Discussion » My Review » 2014-Aug-15 11:06 am

Replies: 1

I fly for a company here in Arizona and own a small flight school as well.  I have been using this program regularly for a few years now along with anywheremap.  I am done with Anywheremap and its failure to update things like TFR's.  I find Naviator to be user friendly and that's why I like it.  They all have the same features and all hover in an affordable price range.  I do wish for a vnav decent reminder rather than pulling up the feature every 10 minutes waiting for a 500fpm decent.  I also use it to navigate and fly the approaches while my student is under the hood.  I have not used the ADSB yet but plan on doing so in the PHX bravo.  The support here is great, ideas are given and received by the staff.  I currently use the program on my LG 3g.  Most of the time I fly on the sectional chart with north up enabled. Cant say I even use the aerial or the other maps maybe for the exception of an IFR chart.  The weather radar keeps up to date on Naviator, something Anywheremap would not do.  Rubber banding is the best feature I think!  I use it for just about every plan I create.  Thank you Naviator for making my job a lot less stressful.  It brings situational awareness where it should be rather than relying on the old method of finding all this info through tons of publications.

#24 Suggestions » Icon » 2014-Aug-02 5:25 pm

Replies: 0

How about a few different little airplane icons on the map?  Anything but the black Atari icon.  A vnav desent reminder would be really nice as well.

#25 Suggestions » airspace altitude numbers on terrain mode » 2014-Jul-01 5:15 pm

Replies: 0

How about putting the altitudes in the airspaces on all the map modes other than sectionals?   Here in phoenix we have class bravo.  It shows the rings but no numbers.  Just an idea.  Great app thought,  I use it regularly on my charter flights

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