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#1 Re: Bug Reports » Missing TFRs » 2018-Jun-23 7:11 pm

Best to contact Mike directly at for a time-critical issue such as this. He doesn't seem to frequent this board as much as he did in the beginning.

#2 Re: General Discussion » Will Naviator display the new ADS-B information? » 2018-Jun-15 7:34 pm

Winds aloft via ADS-B (but I would also be interested in cloud tops and icing, as well).

#3 Re: General Discussion » ADSB traffic hockey puck » 2018-Apr-22 7:00 pm

Airlina, I find that in cases like this I get better results by directly contacting Mike via email at

#5 General Discussion » SIDs/STARs » 2018-Mar-02 8:00 am

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I see in the suggestions area several requests for enabling the entry of SIDs and STARs in flight planning.  The most recent being about 3 years ago at which time Mike responded that it was one of the items  being worked on with high priority, and that they were "finishing it up".

Was it implemented?  I don't see it in the user guide, and haven't been able to get it to work in the app.  But three years without further chatter suggests to me that it was done and I missed it.  The alternative explanation is that it fell through the cracks and that there was little interest in keeping up pressure on it.  It it an important enough feature that I can't believe that interest is low.  And if it was high priority I can't see it falling through the cracks.  So I am hoping that I just missed its introduction.

Please help in showing me how to use that feature.

#6 Suggestions » Animated weather radar » 2018-Mar-01 8:01 pm

Replies: 0

Would love to see animated ADSB weather radar. I've been surprised how much I miss having it when trying to fly around a weather system.

#7 Suggestions » Animated weather radar » 2018-Mar-01 8:01 pm

Replies: 0

Would love to see animated ADSB weather radar. I've been surprised how much I miss having it when trying to fly around a weather system.

#8 Bug Reports » No METARs today (2/24/2018) » 2018-Feb-24 11:58 am

Replies: 4

Not getting any display on the METAR display layer.  Nor does tapping on an airport known to have a METAR bring up an option to display the METAR.  Tapping on such an airport (KTTN or KWRI, as examples) and selecting "Details', "WX" brings up the weather dialog box, but the METAR tab is blank.  The TAF tab is populated.  Help.

#9 Re: General Discussion » Different tablets = different menu options?? » 2018-Feb-23 5:10 pm

I had similar issues that were eliminated once I made the change described at the bottom of this thread. Fine since then.

#10 Re: General Discussion » Best Samsung tablet » 2018-Jan-29 5:16 pm

I'm using an old Galaxy Tab Pro with no issues (pre Galaxy Tab S, S2, etc.).  Naviator runs smoothly and reliably on it.

#11 Re: Bug Reports » Chart cycle day issue? » 2017-Dec-07 7:54 pm

I just updated and the "Data Valid" date is Jan 04, 2018

#12 Re: Bug Reports » Huawei M3 tab 8.4" SPLIT SCREEN NOT WORKING and Crash To Desktop (CTD) » 2017-Nov-10 6:39 pm

Mike returned my email.  Apparently these issues have not been resolved, and he does not have access to an M3 to do testing.

#13 Re: Bug Reports » Huawei M3 tab 8.4" SPLIT SCREEN NOT WORKING and Crash To Desktop (CTD) » 2017-Nov-10 3:41 pm

Were these issues ever resolved?  I've tried emailing Mike at Naviator Support to see if there was a resolution, but he hasn't responded to the emails.

This looks like the most capable of today's 8 inch tablets with a 16/9 screen aspect ratio.

#14 Re: Bug Reports » Data validity date not updating » 2017-Oct-18 4:39 pm

Mine showed when the updates were available in early October for the October 12 update, and the program seemed to have updated the data normally.  But the validity date at the top of the menu column still shows October 12 (which was 6 days ago).  The dates on the Approach Plates that I checked show the proper validity date of November 9th, so that least they seem to reflect the updated data.  Can't tell about the other chart data.

Mike is this just a problem with the menu display, or do we have to worry that at least some of the data we are fly with is past its expiration date?

#15 Re: General Discussion » Stratus ADS-B issues/questions » 2017-Sep-30 5:05 pm

That behavior is to be expected on the ground.  The lowest, FIS-B, block indicates whether or not the unit is receiving ADS-B rebroadcast data from a ground station.  On the ground you will not receive such data unless you coincidentally are very near an ADS-B rebroadcast ground station (and if you were in line of sight range and your unit was receiving data, you would see the green dot at the location of the rebroadcast station).  So, odds are that you will need to be flying to judge whether or not the receiver is working properly.

#16 Re: Naviator Releases » Naviator 3.9.1 » 2017-Sep-29 5:55 pm

You don't need to do anything as your tablet has already updated itself to the most current version.  If it hadn't, you could have done it manually using the .apk file as the source.

#17 Re: Naviator Releases » Naviator 3.9.1 » 2017-Sep-26 6:45 pm

Mike, still showing v3.8.7 in the play store as of 9:45 PM EDT tonite (26 Sept.). How long does it take to appear?

#18 Bug Reports » Presidential TFRs not showing up » 2017-Sep-21 1:16 pm

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Around New York City we are in the midst of major TFRs for the United Nations, Trump Tower in Manhattan, and the President's visit to his Bedminster NJ country club.  As part of these there are TFRs around a couple of the airports to cover VIP travel into and out of the area.  The Trump Tower and UN TFRs are showing in Naviator, but the Bedminster and airport TFRs are not showing.

The "TFR database updated" message appears as it normally does a few seconds after starting the program, and "TFRs" is checked on the Weather/TFRs tab of the Map Layers menu (and "Only show TFRs active within +/- 1 hour from now" is unchecked).  Naviator is the most current version.  This behavior happens both on my tablet and my phone.  Please help.

#19 Re: General Discussion » Altitude Optimizer not working in 3.8.7 » 2017-Aug-11 5:40 pm

It is working for me going through the Plan page.  I am presuming that you have a flight plan set up.  Then the only other step that you didn't mention was entering the departure time.  Are you doing that (although my not doing that does not produce a gray vertical bar).

#20 Re: Naviator Releases » Naviator 3.8.5 » 2017-Jul-29 7:33 pm

Is Mike at Oshkosh?  Searching the exhibitor list gets no hits on either "Naviator" or "123West".

#21 General Discussion » Nexrad weather radar legend? » 2017-Jul-01 3:30 pm

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To what intensities (dBz) do the colors on NexRad weather radar displays correspond?  And if they are different when loading from the internet vs. in the air from FIS-B, what are they for both? I've searched the user guide for Radar (no hits), dBz (no hits), weather (no relevant hits), and NexRad (no relevant hits) and couldn't find it there.  And I couldn't find a legend in the app.

Sitting on the ground getting weather from the internet during a heavy storm I saw 7 different colors, listed below in what appears to be the order of increasing intensity.  What intensity do each correspond to, and are they the same in the air?

Lt Green
Drk Green
Lt Red
Drk Red

Barry Speronello

#22 Re: General Discussion » How to enter waypoint defined by the intersection of two radials? » 2017-May-23 6:51 pm

Thanks for responding rotrhead.  I agree that most clearances involve published waypoints, but they can and do sometimes include routings defined by VOR radials which intersect at locations without a waypoint.  How would you input that routing into Naviator?

#23 General Discussion » How to enter waypoint defined by the intersection of two radials? » 2017-May-17 6:48 pm

Replies: 4

I apologize if I missed this in the User Guide, but I need to enter a waypoint in a flight plan where the waypoint is the intersection of two VOR radials and I don't see how to do that.  I see how to enter waypoints as a radial and distance from a VOR, but not the intersection of two radials.  How can I do that?  Barry

#24 Re: Charts & Data » How to down load charts » 2017-May-07 4:30 pm

Just tap the device's back button and. presuming it has an internet connection, Naviator will pause to look up if the sectional is available and ask you if you want to download it.  Tap yes and it will begin.  On all my devices Naviator closes while the data download.  When the notification bar shows the download is done you may reopen Naviator and the data should be there.

#25 General Discussion » Missing ADS-B traffic » 2017-Apr-25 7:01 pm

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I use a Dual XGPS-170 UAT receiver for ADS-B in displaying with Naviator on a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro tablet.  The plane has a 1090es transponder for ADS-B out.  Flying in the Boston/New York/Philadelphia/Washington DC corridor means that Naviator is always in range of an ADS-B rebroadcast ground station, and rarely fewer than 4.  And radar coverage is complete at cruise altitudes.

With all that, I've started to notice traffic targets disappear for a minute or two and then reappear.  These are targets that are at several thousand feet AGL so they are not dipping below and then back into radar coverage.  And I know that they are real as they are usually part of a group of planes I am with flying to or from a fly-in.  And it is only one or two at any one time that disappear, with often a half dozen or more others still visible on the screen.  Distance doesn't seem to be a factor as there will often be visible targets both nearer and farther than the one that disappeared.  Finally, I don't think that their transponders are failing both because others in our group report no issues with missing targets and because I would expect that ATC would remark when an airplane receiving flight following within a Class B 30 mile veil has a transponder malfunction.

So, with all that background, any idea what could be happening?  Should this be in the Naviator "Bugs" section, or is it a general issue with ADS-B?

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