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#2 Suggestions » Number of units » 2017-Dec-30 6:27 pm

Replies: 2

I prefer to have Naviator on both my Samsung Tab 3's but neither of them has cellular capability so I can't use the Flight Following feature with them.  It would be nice if you could develop a bare-bones (no map downloads) app for a cell phone so I could keep both the primary and backup tabs available and also use the app on the phone for the Flight Following feature only.


#3 Suggestions » Range rings » 2017-Dec-20 6:06 am

Replies: 1

Not a necessity but it would be nice to have range rings around the plane to help judge relative distances - so if tower say to call on a 2 mile right base pilot can approximate that by looking at the rings - maybe 2, 5, and 10 miles.

Like I said, it's not a big deal because I can just look at distance to waypoint, however that makes me select the airport as a waypoint.  Just a nice-to-have someday if you ever get bored.

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