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#1 Re: Naviator Releases » Naviator 3.9.1 » 2018-Oct-17 8:24 am

Without any updates or even discussion about updates I wont renew because it seems this product is heading to deadville and I dont want to have an annual subscription without getting current data. It is a shame that another project of the owner has taken precedent over Naviator which really had potential. I wish he would open it up into the open domain at the very least so development could continue. It pains me to move to another product.

#2 Re: Naviator Releases » Naviator 3.9.1 » 2018-Sep-17 11:11 am

Chris B wrote:
rotrhead wrote:

What's up ? is this software still alive ?

Sadly, I just let my subscription lapse and have reluctantly moved on. :-(

The last straw was the mishandling of the SFO Bravo transition (map was updated, but the overlay was incorrect).

Considering the same. My renewal is up next month. Looking at alternatives.

#3 Re: Suggestions » Special-Use Airspaces? MOA, RA, etc? » 2018-Feb-28 11:36 am

I agree with you, the Airspace Layer should include ALL airspace.

On the other hand, you also should have reviewed your route on a chart a head of time. smile

#4 Re: Suggestions » Checklists? » 2018-Feb-28 11:31 am

ShuRugal wrote:

Perhaps I am missing something here?  I thought Naviator was an Electronic Flight Bag app?  I don't see the operational connection between a flight bag and not having a checklist.

I never saw it as the "one product does all"... One might also want it to be a log book too... I dont.  However... it would be nice to have assignable buttons to launch your favorite other products that do all the specialized stuff.  I generally find the jack-of-all-trades software to do a poor job overall. I would prefer a product be really really good at the main thing it claims to do.

#5 Re: Naviator Releases » Naviator 3.9.1 » 2018-Feb-28 7:11 am

Noticed 3.9.1 was released this week.

> Bug Fixes
> Added support for the Levil Aviation BOM (The link on the Play Store doesnt work... I think this is the correct one: … dule-.html )

#6 Re: General Discussion » Different tablets = different menu options?? » 2018-Feb-23 3:02 pm

I am thinking that Naviator must not like the size of the screen or it thinks it is a phone.  I have a tablet that is 8" and the menus show but on my phone(Note 3) the menus dont show. There is some cutoff in the software where it goes one way or the other. I dont know if that is a bug for your tablet nor if there is a way to trick it.  Email Mike about it.

#7 Re: Suggestions » Time to Station VSR VST » 2018-Feb-23 2:56 pm

Why couldnt you use "Distance Next" as the target and simply maintain that at the fixed radius value? It would be comparable to method you are asking for.

Nother option would be use the Circle option under the Search and Rescue patterns to create a circular path.

#8 Re: Suggestions » Offline Aerial Maps » 2017-Sep-20 6:27 am

TFA170 wrote:
cmmguy wrote:

I thought if you previewed the area while in wifi it would store the aerial maps. But yes, it would be nice to draw a box and save it explicitly for future use.

It does indeed do that, however, even for a short route of say, 100 miles, having to zoom down and 'crawl' along the route for each zoom level desired, is a fair bit of time. 

I also don't know how long it stays in the cache or memory of my tablet (or Naviator or wherever) as it seems to 'disappear' every time I go to a new area and then return to a previous.  It would be nice to designate an area, not unlike Google Maps does with "offline" map areas and have it save as a file to be called up. 

Alternatively, being able to designate a corridor (+/-5 miles either side of course centerline and a 5-10 mile radius around start and stop point) and have it save as an option, automatically even with a saved flight plan (I have two or three saved routes I use very frequently and this would aid tremendously).

Agreed... I can think of a night time emergency flight and being able to look at sat photos and at least have a shot at finding an open field.  Not sure why it cant be cached better. Maybe licensing issues.

#9 Re: Suggestions » Offline Aerial Maps » 2017-Sep-19 9:22 am

I thought if you previewed the area while in wifi it would store the aerial maps. But yes, it would be nice to draw a box and save it explicitly for future use.

#10 Re: General Discussion » Keeping Tablet Cool » 2017-Aug-05 7:07 am

Never had any problem with overheating. That seems more of a problem with iPads. Using Ram yoke mount. No case just a cover. Not sure what charging a battery has to do with the tablet potentially overheating.

#11 Re: Naviator Releases » Naviator 3.8.5 » 2017-Jul-27 10:44 am

Im close to moving on. I stopped renewing until there is some dramatic movement in the product. It is essentially and sadly stalled.

#12 Re: Naviator Releases » Naviator 3.8.5 » 2017-May-30 6:33 am

Noticed that 3.8.7 is in PlayStore.

#13 Re: Charts & Data » How to down load charts » 2017-May-11 3:31 pm

Mike wrote:

Please also keep in mind that a chart will only show up in the "Select Chart" list if you are currently viewing the area of the world covered by that chart. For example, for the Klamath Falls chart to appear in the list you need to see the KLMT airport on the map before tapping "Select Chart".

If that isn't the problem, please see the latest reply to your support ticket for something else to try.


Additionally, if you click on VFR under stitched charts, the chart will be activated without specifically selecting it or being "over" it. (lol, I know you know, but sometimes we forget the easy answers. )

#14 Re: Naviator Releases » Naviator 3.8.5 » 2017-Feb-02 4:55 am

Looks like Maintenance release 3.8.5 is out

#15 Re: General Discussion » Quick Plan leaves me without direction. » 2017-Jan-04 6:51 am

You are in the Millennial Vortex

Post your route. Is this a route that is not starting from your current location?

#17 Re: General Discussion » Android devices that Naviator works on with few problems » 2016-Dec-17 7:37 am

You would need the APK file for Naviator and you would have to change the settings in your Android to allow non-playstore installs.  Amazon video does it this way.

#18 Re: Naviator Releases » Naviator 3.8.5 » 2016-Dec-13 6:32 am

Looks like Maintenance release 3.8.4 is out

#19 Re: General Discussion » Screen view » 2016-Sep-29 11:26 am

Sounds like maybe you have Terrain Warnings turned on in Map layers.

#20 General Discussion » Ping Buddy Supported? » 2016-Sep-13 8:08 am

Replies: 3

Is the Ping Buddy Supported?



pingBuddy is the world’s smallest and lightest Wi-Fi ADS-B receiver.  It features internal Wi-Fi, dual-link ADS-B In, and built-in antennas.  pingBuddy brings real-time air traffic reporting and weather updates to your Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) of choice.  Simply power pingBuddy, join the wireless network and load up your EFB software to view surrounding aircraft and flight information.

#21 Re: Suggestions » How about LARGER data fields... » 2016-Sep-01 8:08 am

It would be nice to have the compass rose around the current location have parameters to allow adjusting for preferences.

If not, I would like to see a different color for plane direction pointer and bolder. I would also like to see the two main numbers that surround the majenta(direction to) arrow to be larger and highlighted. Keeping the rest of the numbers as they are. This would make identification of a vector-to-waypoint easier to see. And if not a flight plan then highlight the two numbers surrounding the planes direction of flight.

#22 Re: General Discussion » Maintenance Mode » 2016-Sep-01 7:49 am

I appreciate this question being asked and a reasonable answer provided. I have recently had the same sentiments as the OP.

#23 Suggestions » Tower Phone number » 2016-Jul-05 9:10 am

Replies: 0

On the Airport information page beside tower/ground frequencies, could phone numbers be added that link(if the device is a phone) to calling that number. I can see this as useful in lost COMM situation and being able to quickly pull up the Tower and call them. Most cells work when in the vicinity of the airport.

#24 Re: General Discussion » Contributing to Naviator » 2016-Jun-23 1:34 pm

Not open source but open hooks would be nice....

#25 Re: General Discussion » Android devices that Naviator works on with few problems » 2016-Jun-22 3:13 pm

Don Cameron wrote:

I am running Naviator for flight simulator fsx on my new Samsung galaxy tab A, running very well except for loss of portions of the map in areas at different times and height, never had this problem on the Galaxy 10.1, anybody got any ideas? Be grateful for some help on this one.
Don't Cameron

Which map? Base?

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