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#1 Bug Reports » Afss ICAO flight plan needs to auto-fill aircraft equipment code » 2018-Sep-04 6:28 am

Replies: 0

Afss ICAO flight plan needs to auto-fill "aircraft equipment code" as well as "Surveillance Equipment code" from the aircraft profile. Also, "Surveillance Equipment code" needs to be added to the Aircraft Profile so that it can auto-fill.

Edit: Perhaps this belongs in the "Suggestions" section rather than "Bug Reports". Sorry for that.

#2 Re: Charts & Data » Duplicate IFR Low Altitude Charts » 2015-Mar-15 9:46 pm

I have been having this problem for the past 9 months. Each time I update, my low altitude enroute charts are duplicated. I can delete them manually, but this is rather cumbersome.

#3 Re: General Discussion » Dual XGPS 170 NEXRAD Weather » 2015-Jan-08 9:45 am

So I was told I had the wrong antenna. I bought two new luck. I tried to update the luck. After terrible customer service, I had to send the unit in for firmware upgrades. Recently got it back, and weather download is improved although not what it should be. Bottom line, Dual avionics customer service is terrible, and I would not buy their product again.

#4 Re: General Discussion » Dual XGPS 170 NEXRAD Weather » 2014-Oct-21 1:40 pm

I think I have figured out that I need to upgrade the firmware....standby

#5 General Discussion » Dual XGPS 170 NEXRAD Weather » 2014-Oct-21 1:26 pm

Replies: 3

Recently I have been getting incomplete weather Nexrad information during flight. I get lines of data similar to pixilation. Here is a picture of what I'm talking about:

It's as if it is downloading it, but VERY slow. The white indicator light is blinking continuously. I was at 5000 AGL with 5 stations active. Anyone else having this problem? Maybe I should try to preload the data via WiFi before getting into the aircraft?

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